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A bunny and a tiger playing in a field. Read an excerpt from BUNNY OMEGA ON THE RUN #MPreg #PNR #MMromance

Hello! Today I have the last piece of chapter one from Bunny Omega on the Run, an MPreg MM Shifter Pop Star Romance with a cute bunny omega and a sexy tiger alpha. This story releases tomorrow!! If you missed them, you can find Monday's excerpt here, Tuesday's excerpt here, and Wednesday's excerpt here. I hope you've enjoyed them!

Chapter One


Crouching down into pouncing position, I eyed the little brown lop bunny a hundred yards ahead. He was nibbling on the grass, one ear down and one stubborn ear half up, as if he had no idea a predator had him in its sights. I waited a few more moments admiring his shiny fur, his nose, ears, and feet a darker shade than the rest of him. Beautiful, really.

After swaying my back end, I sprung from my hiding spot then pounced when I reached the bunny. He jumped in between my front paws then raced away again. I chased him this time, bounding around from one side to the other to make him keep changing directions. Then he did an about-face and came after me. I played along, dashing away from the determined bunny.

We played like this for a long time, until we were both out of breath. I stopped running and flopped onto my side, enjoying the cool breeze and hot sun at the same time. The bunny hopped over to me, lying against my chest. He looked good against the white, faintly-striped fur of my belly, like he was always meant to be there.

I shifted to my human form and stroked his silky coat. I scratched in between his ears then used my thumb and forefinger to rub the edges of his ear. One at a time. His back foot vibrated endlessly. And when he shifted, his foot was still shaking. I pulled him closer, and he cuddled into me. Just the two of us in a field under the sun.

Suddenly, the sun was blocked out. A dark figure stood above us. I couldn’t see any details of what he looked like. Just that he had a gun and was pointing it right at my bunny boy. I went to leap up, protect him, defend him, but the gunshot rang out too soon, the sound leaving a high-pitched buzz in my ears. The figure disappeared as fast as it had arrived, and I was left with my bunny boy bleeding from a hole in his chest. I covered the hole with our clothing that had been tossed to the side when we’d first shifted. But the shirt became soaked in his blood faster than I’d expected. I glanced around for someplace where I could get help for him. Yet, there was nothing. After scooping him into my arms, I bolted to the nearest road then the nearest town. I kept running until I found a hospital. Once inside, I realized it wasn’t a place that could help him. All the medical staff looked like the gunman who’d interrupted my video shoot. And his face filled every television screen in the place.

“There’s nothing you can do for him,” the man said. “He’s dead. Just as he was supposed to be.”

“No!” I dropped to my knees, crying over his limp body. “We just met. I don’t even know your name.”

A loud wail blared over the hospital speakers. It wouldn’t relent, kept going off, getting louder and louder.

That’s when I woke up, realizing the sound was my alarm. I turned it off then took a few deep breaths to calm my racing heart. My throat was sore, and the corners of my eyes were crusty from dried tears. The dream had felt so real. And I wanted it to be real. The first part anyway. I don’t know why that bunny omega had such an impact on me. I was a tiger alpha, not supposed to associate with any type of rodent unless they worked for my label. And even then, Conn made sure they knew their place, threatened to eat them the next time he shifted.

My phone vibrated on the bedside table. I picked it up to see several messages from Conn. All asking me when I was going to show up for the second day of the music video shoot. Then the phone rang in my hand.


“TK, where the fuck are you? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago.” I could hear his wolf growl through the speaker.

“I don’t need to be there waiting around while the crew gets everything set up. We discussed this yesterday.” Though Conn hadn’t been happy about it then.

“Don’t be a diva. You have to get your hair and makeup done. Need to pick out your outfits for today’s scenes.”

“The outfits are already in my trailer, and the rest takes thirty minutes. I’m going to hop in the shower, grab some breakfast, and then I’ll be there.” Without giving him a chance to object, I ended the call. I wasn’t a diva. I simply liked to prepare things ahead of time so I didn’t have to wait around. If I had to wait, I’d rather pass the time in my home. And I had to get my manager used to that now. Because one day, I wanted to have a mate. Maybe even a family. And time with them would always come first.

Whoa! Where had that idea come from? I’d always wanted to have a permanent lover, someone who was there for me when I came home from video and photo shoots, recording days, and tours. But never a mate. And definitely not kids.

The image of the bunny boy tucked into me in my dream surfaced in my mind. Had he brought these thoughts upon me? I paused the memory there, not wanting to recall what happened next in my dream. Had the kid survived, gotten away from that guy who was after him? And why? What was the story behind the chase? I had no doubt the bunny shifter believed the other man would have killed him. He was shaking so hard when I’d held onto him. Even in bunny form. But I’d never find out. The chances of running into him again were almost nonexistent. Too bad because he was really cute. And children with him….

No! I had to stop those thoughts and get ready for another day of filming for the music video, mentally prepare myself to kiss the model the agency had hired to act as my lover for the video. Talk about a diva. She brought in stylists rather than using those who worked for the agency, and made my fashion coordinate with what she wanted to wear instead of the other way around. It was going to be another long day. In the studio, this time. No chance for cute strangers to show up on set to give me a break from the strain of it all.

Bunny Omega on the Run 
Shifter Towers book one

As a pop star, I never expected to find true love. 

Not in a world where everything is temporary and often fake. But then he ran into me. Not once, but twice. My tiger instantly recognized him as my mate. Now, I just have to convince Kish that what we have is real.

The oldest of ten kids, I saw what my mother went through after my father left. After that, I started taking blockers so I would never go into heat, never have kids. Because love was for the weak. And I was doing just fine on my own.

Then I met TK. Literally smacked right into him. But no matter how much I wanted it to be true, I refused to believe that he could love a bunny shifter from the wrong part of town.

Bunny Omega on the Run is a super sweet with knotty heat MM mpreg shifter popstar romance. It is book 1 of the Shifter Towers series but can be read as a standalone.

Releases March 29, 2019
Available for pre-order from:
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