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Bunny hiding on the music video set. Read an excerpt from BUNNY OMEGA ON THE RUN #MPreg #PNR #MMromance

Hello! I have another piece of chapter one from Bunny Omega on the Run, an MPreg MM Shifter Pop Star Romance with a cute bunny omega and a sexy tiger alpha. This story releases on Friday. If you missed them, you can find Monday's excerpt here and Tuesday's excerpt here. Be sure to come back for more tomorrow!

Chapter One

Kish continued...

My stomach rumbled. I was hungry. Needed to eat. But there were too many production people around to make a clean escape. I couldn’t risk it. Even though TK didn’t hand me over, one of them might.

Front paws outstretched, I rested my chin on them and watched the production happen. TK strolled down the street looking like a runway god, lip-syncing while his music played around him. It was a slow ballad, this time, and his soulful voice dug deep inside me as he sung about the sacrifices people make for love. Sacrifices I knew about. Not the romantic type, but for my family. Though I didn’t live at home anymore, I still helped my mother to pay her bills. My dad left us long ago, but with ten brothers and sisters, my mom couldn’t do it on her own. She worked three jobs while my oldest sister, Fleur, took care of the younger ones. I worked for a delivery service, but, on the side, I did some deliveries of not-so-legal goods that couldn’t leave an electronic trail. I had an unregistered phone for them, and no names were ever given. No texts, either. Just a quick phone call with an address and a dollar amount. As the oldest child, I had to help my mom somehow. And though she never asked how I got the money, she always told me how much she appreciated my help.

I returned my attention to the street. This time, TK wasn’t alone. And instead of walking, he was running. Toward a woman. When he reached her, he held her close, the way he’d held me, and kissed her. Not a quick peck, but much deeper. More intimate. Loving. A kiss that I only ever saw in movies. Ones my coworkers made me watch when we had our monthly movie night, because I would never watch such crap on my own. I preferred explosions, shootouts, and running for one’s life. But on screen. Not when I was part of it.

The kiss happened again. As if it wasn’t enough the first time. My chest suddenly exploded in pain. I flopped onto my side, trying to get it to end. Tears of agony streamed from my eyes. Was I dying? Rabbits didn’t live that long. Had my time finally come? I tried to move, get out from beneath the dumpster so I could shift back to my human form. But the strain was too much. So I just lay there, waiting for death to take me away. Today I wouldn’t die from a gunshot, but simply from being an old rabbit.

I didn’t die. Eventually the pain subsided. And my stomach decided to remind me how hungry I was once again. I peeked out from under the dumpster. TK was still on the street. This time in a long trench coat with tall, black leather boots. A look I liked even more than the previous burnt-orange dress shirt and pleated black pants. And the woman was gone. Somehow that made me relieved. But I couldn’t stay and watch anymore. I needed nourishment. A package of ramen noodles waited for me at home. Not much, but enough to satisfy my growling belly.

I hopped to the other side of the dumpster, made sure I had a clear path to the next street over then dashed away. Once I reached the adjacent alley, I shifted back to my human form then raced for home. Tomorrow I had to work a fourteen-hour shift at my legal job, so I needed to sleep after I ate and had a shower. Running into TK was nice, but it wasn’t as if I ever would again.

Bunny Omega on the Run 
Shifter Towers book one

As a pop star, I never expected to find true love. 

Not in a world where everything is temporary and often fake. But then he ran into me. Not once, but twice. My tiger instantly recognized him as my mate. Now, I just have to convince Kish that what we have is real.

The oldest of ten kids, I saw what my mother went through after my father left. After that, I started taking blockers so I would never go into heat, never have kids. Because love was for the weak. And I was doing just fine on my own.

Then I met TK. Literally smacked right into him. But no matter how much I wanted it to be true, I refused to believe that he could love a bunny shifter from the wrong part of town.

Bunny Omega on the Run is a super sweet with knotty heat MM mpreg shifter popstar romance. It is book 1 of the Shifter Towers series but can be read as a standalone.

Releases March 29, 2019
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  1. I like your book's cover! Very stylish and nicely indicative of the content.
    Seeing the person you love with someone else, at least for me, feels more than a little bit like being stabbed in the heart. I empathize with Bunny.

    1. Thank you so much, Cara! It was designed by my regular cover artist, Fantasia Frog Designs.

      Yes, that's exactly what it feels like. Kish just didn't realize he'd already caught feelings for TK.