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Their lives are going in two different directions. #8Sunday snippet from TAYRYM #GalacticDefenders #scifirom #LGBTQ

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit me last weekend! This is the last snippet I'm going to share from TAYRYM, the fourth Galactic Defenders story. Next weekend, I'm busy with family stuff, and in January, I'm going to start sharing from a new story. 

Set-up: In last week's snippet, Tayrym and Guri had barely seen each other since training started. In this week's snippet, both Tayrym and guri have been given their first assignments. Tayrym in comtech, and Guri as part of Juliet squadron. And Tayrym just found out that Juliet squadron is about to be sent on a very dangerous mission. (Edited from original to fit.)

With his forehead against the wall, Tayrym pressed his palm against the hard surface and banged his other fist on the wall. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Why had he been so adamant about becoming a Defender? He had no athletic abilities. Bryce knew how uncoordinated he was. Why hadn’t he stopped him? Why in the universe had the former Defender gone along with the idea that Tayrym would make a good private? But mostly, why hadn’t Tayrym taken his new relationship with Guri as a sign to change his dreams? Nothing had gone as he’d hoped, as he’d planned. Now they were being driven further and further apart, and he could do nothing to stop it.

*Author's note: I promise you, this is a romance with a happily ever after. Tayrym and Guri will eventually get there, but it doesn't come easily for them.

Tayrym has dreamed of becoming a Galactic Defender since meeting the infamous Bryce when he was just a boy. Finally an adult and awaiting the day cycle he is set to leave for training, Tayrym learns his long-time crush shares his affections. Now, he’s unsure whether he wants to leave, which dream matters more.

With the threat of being sent away for his sexuality haunting him, Guri keeps his feelings for his former classmate to himself. Even with a new progressive ruler on Hemera, he still hides his attraction to the young man. But when he catches the other shadowing him, Guri decides to take a chance. The only problem is, the man of his desire is leaving the planet soon. Possibly forever.

With obstacle after obstacle in their path, will Tayrym and Guri ever have a chance to be happy together? Or are they destined to fulfill their dreams light years apart?

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Ro'sa has never met her betrothed, but she's about to. Read an #excerpt from THE STAR PRINCESS #scifirom #romance

Hello! Today will be the last of my December excerpts. Next week, I'll be busy with various holiday events, cleanup, and making sure the kids don't blow up the house with their new gifts. So, I hope you've enjoyed these daily excerpts. I haven't included all of my stories, just some of them. And tomorrow, I'll be sharing another snippet from TAYRYM for Weekend Writing Warriors. Until then, here's an excerpt from THE STAR PRINCESS.


At the whoosh of the space shuttle flying overhead, the feline on Ro’sa’s knee hissed before jumping to the floor. Ro’sa hurried to the front of the house, pressing her palms and nose against the window. Somewhere in that ship was her betrothed, the prince from Earth she would marry.

Ka’lyn, her best friend, squeezed in beside her, claiming the rest of the available window space. “What do you think he looks like? I’ve never seen anyone from Earth before. Maybe he has two heads, or one eye....” She nudged Ro’sa’s side. “Two cocks?”

“Ka, really?” Flaring heat rushed to Ro’sa’s cheeks and temporarily paused the fluttering of firetubes in her stomach. In seven rotations, she would say good-bye to her home, her family, and all of her friends to be with a complete stranger. She’d grown up knowing this time would come, but it had always seemed so far away. Until he’d arrived. Ro’sa swallowed her nerves. “His people just recently joined the Confederacy. I think the only reason they were invited was to prevent an intergalactic war when they learned of the existence of life beyond their own solar system.” They’d already destroyed most of their planet. Who knows what they would have done had the Confederacy not intervened?

Ka’lyn grabbed her shoulders and turned Ro’sa to face her. “I know all this, but what do they look like?”

“Humanoid, like us.” She searched her memory for the few Terran dignitaries she’d met. “But their skin is different shades of brown, from nearly white to almost black.” Though she had no idea where her betrothed fit into the spectrum, never having been allowed to travel to Earth. How she wished she had. If her parents had allowed them to meet earlier, she’d have far fewer worries and much more experience with how to interact with those from Earth, and with her betrothed. She’d retained her virginity for him, the only female her age on the planet who hadn’t experienced sex, though she hoped to know what it was like before she left for Earth.

“Weird. So, when do you get to meet him?”

“Tonight.” Ro’sa returned her gaze out the window, watching the shuttle descend onto the runway. Had the prince saved himself for her? “There’s an official introduction ceremony where we will shake hands and eat our first meal together.”

“That’s crap.” Her friend tugged on her fingers. “Let’s go meet him as he’s coming off the ship.”

Ro’sa shook her head, yanking her hand away. “I can’t. I have to follow protocol.”

“Then we’ll hide in the shrubs. Don’t you want to check him out before you’re introduced to him in front of everyone?”

Biting her bottom lip, Ro’sa watched the spacecraft disappear below the treetops. “I guess.” Then she wouldn’t look like a fool in her first reaction to him. She could hold her emotions in check, having already caught sight of the prince.

“Let’s go then.” Ka’lyn stood at the door before she had the chance to move.

They left her friend’s home behind. Darting through the woods on the packed dirt path, Ro’sa hoped they’d make it to the runway in time. If the castle guards hastened him away, they’d never make it in time. Why hadn’t her parents let her meet him years ago? Was he that horrendous looking? At least they could have shown her a picture.


In one week, Princess Ro’sa will board a spaceship, leaving her home on Minjet to be with her betrothed on Earth. The only problem is, she detests the prince’s selfish and arrogant ways, preferring to spend time with his personal aide, a man who stirs her desires in ways she never imagined possible with his radiant blue eyes and smouldering lips. And oh, the way he touches her.

Earth’s post-apocalyptic landscape offers little but the alliance offers much and a princess must do her duty, no matter the danger to her person and to her heart.

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He acts like he doesn't care, but he does. Read an #excerpt from ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE #romance #friendstolovers #NewAdult

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying my December excerpts. Today's is from ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE, a story that is set on a small dairy farm and occurs over the fall and winter seasons. In the story, the heroine is in a serious accident, and it changes her perspective on everything. Happy reading!


Leanne ducked, trying to avoid the apple flying toward her. With its speed, it stirred her hair, but she avoided contact. Instead, the fruit smashed against the wall then fell to the floor, a mess of brown pulp and skin. She stood and glared at the source of the flying object. “Jake, you’re such an ass.” 

He grinned at her from across the milking parlor, tossing into the air another rotten apple he must have grabbed when he put the cows out to pasture. “You’d better be nice to me, LA, if you want me to do your chores tonight.” 

With a huff, she rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I wasn’t the one who threw fruit at your head.” She cursed him several times a day for such pranks. Often he’d tossed her in the manure pile or turned the pressure hoses on her. He lived with his family down the road, and if their parents weren’t such good friends, she would have told her father to fire Jake years ago. 

“What do you have planned for tonight anyway?” He sauntered toward her, gripping the other apple so hard, she expected pulp to squeeze between his fingers. “Going out with your boyfriend?” 

She cringed, hating how he mocked her with the word. “Jealous, much?” 

Taking a step back, he scowled. “You wish. Why should I care who you date? You’re a grown woman.” 

“I’m glad you noticed.” She reached down for a piece of straw and poked him in the chest with it. “So, why is it such a problem?” 

He shrugged his shoulders, his expression suddenly indifferent. “I think you can do better.” 

She poked him again. “What, like you?” 

He leaned closer, his face only an inch from hers. His musky scent overpowered the sweet stench of the barn and filled her senses. If he hadn’t been a constant pain in her ass, she might have thought he was going to kiss her. 

“In your dreams.” 

Should have known. She chuckled and tapped his cheek a couple times with her palm. “I can honestly say you have never been in any of my dreams. Not even my nightmares. And if you must know, I’m going out with my friends from college.” She spun around and called over her shoulder. “Tomorrow I’ll be with Scott.” She headed out of the barn. A field of wheat waited for her, and she had to harvest it before she went out.


Her plans changed in an instant...

Once finished college, Leanne intended to take over her family dairy farm, let her father retire and finally take a vacation. After one tragic night, her dreams go up in smoke. She loses the ability to do the most basic of things. 

And brought him closer...

Jake, the farm hand who lives down the road, refuses to let Leanne give up on her goals. He remains by her side throughout her healing. But, when he confesses his true intentions, their friendship takes a drastic turn.

If only she’d known before she lost her arm.

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Clones, the military, and a secret that could destroy everything. Read an #excerpt from MADE FOR HER #scifirom #romance #scifi

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying the excerpts from my stories. Today's excerpt is from MADE FOR HER, a futuristic military sci-fi romance involving clones. Happy reading!

Excerpt from MADE FOR HER

Colonel Jones grabbed the remote before focusing on the three-dimensional holographic picture beside her. Another presentation for the general public, but she doubted it would work to recruit anyone. The audience was always more curious than willing to enlist. 

“In 2084, as you know, Earth made first contact with the Rafkels, a peaceful species living on the planet Raf, located twenty light-years from Earth.” She pressed the button to show her spectators an image of the still-foreign planet. “While meeting this species remains years away, their message warned us of other intelligent life forms in our own galaxy.” 

Mikayla rolled her eyes. The actual message had not been a warning, rather a fact, but the government insisted on changing the wording to garner more recruits and support for cloning. “Since then, world governments have combined efforts to develop a spacecraft that will take us faster and farther into space. 

“If you join the military today, you will learn how to fly these vessels and train the clones for future wars. Science fiction has now become our reality.” Yeah, like that would work to recruit people. Who wrote the speech, anyway? Very few, if any, would ever make it to the SFTC, Space Flight Training Center. “It will never be your life on the line, but that of men and women created only for that purpose. Serving your country is no longer about sacrifice, but about honor.” 

She cringed at the bullshit words. People still died all the time. Terrorists, like the ones who’d killed Daniel, still objected to cloning, causing destruction and death. Just last month, a popular off-base nightclub, known to be a military hang-out, had been turned to rubble in a matter of seconds after a suicide bomber with known allegiance to the Al-Tidoa group blew himself up inside the building. Many, both clone and human-born, had died. 

When Mikayla switched the display to the live feed from Onatria’s main lab in Geneva, she sighed at the collective gasp. Robotic arms transferred material between Petri dishes at various stations while other, more complex equipment dissected strands of DNA. Human-born and clones alike wore white lab coats and watched new life grow under their microscopes. And in a glass-walled clean room, casket-like clear chambers held young clones attached to a multitude of tubes. Except for the military and Onatria staff, this was the first time anyone had seen the labs. The government had grown desperate for people to enlist. 

Clones, fully incubated at one year, resembled a teenaged human-born and lived better than most of the people there to watch the presentation. That was, until the clones left the labs four years later. Then they became nothing more than a possession of the military, a weapon trained for combat. And none, as of yet, had developed long enough to resemble an officer her age. They were killed in battle or by terror attacks before they had the chance to live a long life. 

At the end of her presentation, she slipped out of the hall, unwilling to answer questions from the audience. The junior officers could handle them. She refused to listen to the public refer to the clones as slugs. Daniel had died bringing them to life and she couldn’t have his work, his creations, insulted in front of her. Sure, they weren’t born the same way as her, but they were still people, and she had a new squadron of clones waiting for her on the tarmac. 

They wouldn’t fly today. Instead, they’d head to the classroom for theory. With their basic training already completed, they were sent to her to become pilots. But her job involved more than training. She had to weed out the clone cadets who were better suited to a civilian position, and keep those who took their assignment seriously. 

As she approached them, they stood at attention and saluted her, but all wore the same cocky smile. She gave them her infamous glare to wipe away their grins, even though she knew every one of them deserved to be arrogant. They were, after all, created and genetically modified to be the best. 

Colonel Jones eyed each one of her new cadets, examining the neatness of their uniforms, while inspecting for signs of stress or over-anxiousness. She’d never seen the telltale muscle twitches or sweats in any previous clones, only in human-borns, but she had to look for them anyway. 

The first generation of clones didn’t live long enough to become cadets. Their hearts had given out within a year after incubation. But the scientists at Onatria had plowed on, utilizing more of Daniel’s research, speeding up the aging process with hormones to create the perfect generation she saw before her. 

She’d had female clones in previous squadrons, but the government filled the one in front of her with testosterone-driven masculinity. If she’d been younger, she’d have a hard time concentrating. But her days of crushes and fantasies were long over. She was devoted to serving her country and planet, and nothing else. 

That didn’t stop her from going out on the town for a stress-relieving fuck from time to time. But these young men in front of her appeared so virile, sure to last longer than any of her previous sexual partners. 

No. As junior officers, and more importantly, as clones, they were off limits. 

Inspecting them gave her the opportunity to check out more than their fatigues and tics, but if they knew her thoughts, they’d walk all over her. She’d be done. 

They were of varying nationalities, builds, and heights, all fit to serve the planet. None of the cadets revealed any indication he would put the lives of others in jeopardy. It would be an easy squadron, every one of them ready to fly in a matter of weeks. 

She reached the last cadet and froze. Her stomach clenched. No, they couldn’t have! 

She pivoted on her heel and rushed off the tarmac, leaving the squad without an instructor. 


After terrorists murder the love of her life, Colonel Mikayla Jones trains squadron after squadron of the clones he brought to life, to take to the skies. When she discovers a young clone of her husband in her newest class, her world spins out of control. How can she command the look-a-like when she can’t help but yearn for him to fill an ache in her heart?

Dare was created to be the best. As the first Daniel clone to leave Onatria labs, he needs to prove he is more than just a DNA copy. To do that, he must rely on the wife of the man who donated his genes. But when she refuses to train him, Dare faces discharge and returning to the labs. Can he convince Colonel Jones to finish his training and find a way into her bed? Or will long kept secrets unhinge the entire clone project?

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Early morning workout invasion. Read an #excerpt from ALIEN ATTRACTION #AlienNextDoor #scifirom #romance

Hello! Tuesday is Alien Next Door day, so I'm going to share an excerpt from the third book in the series, ALIEN ATTRACTION. Happy reading!

Alien Next Door book three

With a heavy sigh, Angela slipped on her running shoes. Five o’clock in the morning remained far too early for any sane person to head to the gym, but if she didn’t go down to the apartment facilities at that time, she wouldn’t have the chance to claim a piece of equipment. Finally getting her shoes tied, she stood and grabbed her water bottle. She planned to plop her butt on the exercise bike and cycle for forty-five minutes, because she doubted she could concentrate long enough to remain standing on the treadmills or elliptical trainers.

The damn orb had decided to work again, sending pulses of light around her room in the middle of the night. Not as bad as a fire drill, but at least the fire alarm stopped, and she had the chance to go back to sleep. Not so with the stupid extraterrestrial sphere. After a sleepless Friday night, she’d shoved the orb in the oven to try and dim the pulsing light. Instead of being awoken by bright flashes, she’d heard the thing banging around, as if alive and trying to escape. Last night, she’d simply buried her head under the cover and pretended she didn’t see it.

Come morning, she yearned to leave her apartment and escape from the malfunctioning alien technology. With little energy, she rode the elevator to the first floor. The trek to the end of the hall took forever. For some reason, the corridor sensed her tiredness and expanded, making her walk even farther in her sleepy state. Thankful to finally reach the entrance to the gym, she grasped the handle and pulled.

A man kept a good pace on the treadmill. Her gut clenched. No way. Not this morning. She considered turning around and heading back to her apartment. She didn’t need another confrontation with the asshole from next door. But she’d lived there longer, claimed this time at the gym long ago, and she’d be damned if she let him restrict her movement. Thank goodness he didn’t occupy her desired machine.

Avoiding eye contact, she ambled over to the stationary bike. It was all she could do not to take a quick peek, catch a glimpse of his breathtaking eyes. No, even that view couldn’t redeem his horrible attitude.

Placing her water bottle in the holder, Angela stuck one foot into the pedal strap before she hopped onto the bike and buckled her other foot. She reached for her phone to turn on some tunes. Shit! It wasn’t clipped to her arm. She’d forgotten it in her apartment with her towel and keys. Great, not only did she have nothing to distract her from Mr. Attitude, she’d left her apartment unlocked, open to strangers. Anyone could walk in and steal her phone, furniture, or even the orb. Although, she hoped someone did steal it, take away the blasted piece of alien junk forever.

Beginning to spin, Angela programmed the tension for a nice, steady ride. No rolling hills or uphill climbs that morning. She closed her eyes, imagining a trip along the roads back home, wood lots on either side and birds chirping all around. If she couldn’t get lost in her music, she would in her daydreams.

When she opened her eyes again, she checked her watch. Twenty minutes had passed. And someone occupied the elliptical trainer immediately beside her—her pain-in-the-ass neighbor who had, at some point, taken off his shirt and moved closer to her. Bronzed skin covered ripple upon ripple of toned muscle. He had his dark, wavy hair up in a man bun, accentuating the tribal-looking tattoos across his chest, back, and shoulders. Swallowing the saliva forming, she glanced away from the man who resembled an Ancient Roman Gladiator. But no matter how attractive he appeared, she couldn’t forget his piss-poor attitude.

“Good to know you’re awake and not pedaling in your sleep.”

She turned her head to him, unsure if she had heard him talk to her in a pleasant tone, or imagined the whole thing.

Slowing his pace, he met her gaze, a smirk playing across his lips. Part of her yearned to swoon at him for talking to her, but a much larger portion wanted to reach over and kick him in the shins. Taking his shirt off to reveal his godly physique and a half-hearted smile did not make up for his rudeness. 

Staring straight ahead, she stood and cycled, giving her ass a break from the seat. She didn’t want to make conversation with an arrogant prick. If her orb did begin to function properly, it would definitely tell her to stay away from him.


She wants to be more alien.

He wants to be more human.

Born a galaxy apart, will Angela and Chal have a chance at love, or will their extraterrestrial secrets leave them running to stay alive?

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Are the Defenders afraid of a tiny creature? Read an #excerpt from GIB AND THE TIBBAR #scifirom #romance #GalacticDefenders

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the excerpts I've shared this month. Today, since it's Monday, I'm going back to the Galactic Defenders series with an excerpt from GIB AND THE TIBBAR. This story was originally published as part of the Pets In Space anthology, Embrace the Romance. And since that anthology is no longer available, I published it on my own. It is available for only 99¢ USD. Happy reading!

Galactic Defenders book three

A small, furry white creature scampered between the Defenders and the fire. Gib yanked his feet back and gasped. He tried to follow the path the animal took, and when it disappeared into the grassy field, he relaxed a little. Not that he was afraid, only startled by the sudden appearance of the critter.

But his watch partner reacted differently. The cowardly Defender stood on his bench, reaching for a low branch on the ropral tree as if to lift himself farther off the ground. “What in Gaspra was that? No one told me about any deadly creatures on this planet.”

Gib laughed and slapped his hand on his lap. “I wouldn’t call the fluffy little thing that raced by us a deadly creature.”

“Okay, Hemera is infested with vermin, then.” Zair examined the area around him before he dared put a foot on the ground.

A high-pitched squeak sounded, and Gib’s surveillance partner returned to reaching for the branches. The little creature stood on its hind legs below Zair’s bench, peeping as if telling him off.

Gib couldn’t hold in his laughter. Not just at the other Defender’s reaction, but also the thoughts running through Zair’s mind, thoughts he’d failed to block in his fear.

“It’s not going to eat you.” Gib shook his head, wondering how his squad mate could see the creature as dangerous. “Would you please get down from there? Defenders are supposed to be brave and fierce. Right now, you’re neither.”

“Go to Gaspra, Mingot. And stay out of my head.” He yanked his plazer from his hip holster and aimed it at the critter. “If I don’t destroy it, it will bring death to everyone on this planet.”

Stepping into the line of fire, Gib yanked the weapon from his squad mate, thankful the safety remained on. “You’re being ridiculous. Besides, if you fire your weapon, you’ll cause a panic. The Hemera will think Erebus have arrived.”

The frightened Defender shook a foot at the creature. “Fine, then. Kick it into the fire. Or you could stomp on it.”

“Don’t you dare!” A Hemera woman burst from the bushes, storming toward Zair like a mother rehn protecting her young. She shoved him off his bench and shouldered past Gib before scooping the noisy creature into her hand. “This is my tibbar, not some kind of vermin.”

“Tibbar? Try nasty rodent that tried to eat me.” Zair smoothed out his uniform but kept his distance from the creature now perched on the woman’s shoulder.

“You’re both on nehbred.” She kicked dirt at them, her pink lips pursed and her dark eyes set in a deadly stare. “You don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to my pet or my planet.”


A dedicated Defender to the core, Gib is willing to go to any planet the Galactic Alliance sends him. That is, until he’s sent with his squad to Hemera for their Alorama ceremony, far from any threat of Erebus invasion and with no chance for promotion.

Vilarra has lived on Hemera all her life, working hard in the kitchens of the royal palace until she achieved lead hand. But learning of the universe beyond her world reveals her insignificance and shreds her sense of accomplishment and purpose.

With the help of a furry, little tibbar, Gib is determined to win the affection of Vilarra, prove to her how significant she is to him and the people who depend on her. But will his personal mission be cut short before he has the chance to win her heart?

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Defender training isn't going as Tayrym & Guri expected. Read a snippet from TAYRYM #scifirom #romance #LGBTQ #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit me last weekend! TAYRYM, the fourth Galactic Defenders story, is now available! 

Set-up: In last week's snippet, Tayrym and Guri said goodbye to their "family" and friends before leaving for Defender training. Now they are training and things aren't going as they'd planned. (Edited from original to fit.)

Tayrym reached out for Guri’s hand as they passed each other, Tayrym on his way to simulation training while Guri headed somewhere else. Probably to run the obstacle course. That brief interaction of whispered I love yous and his palm brushing along the sweaty palm of his boyfriend would likely be the only contact they’d have that day. Their time together on the carrier had passed far too quickly. Spending time making love and lying in bed while discussing their hopes for the future had quickly become rushing through courses and simulations when they’d reached Kalara, eating only darobars so they kept somewhat healthy. But not together. As soon as they’d reached the planet with their trans chips implanted behind their ears, they’d been split up, none of the newly-installed bunkhouses with more than one empty bed, and no one willing to move so he and Guri could be together. It wasn’t as if their trainers cared, either, reciting over and over, “Defenders don’t have time for the drama of a relationship.”

He didn’t believe that, well aware that Bryce had hooked up with Queen Lalia when he was still a Defender; and Jager and Katrina were part of the same squadron when they got together. He just had to wait, get through training, and then he’d be reunited with Guri.

Tayrym has dreamed of becoming a Galactic Defender since meeting the infamous Bryce when he was just a boy. Finally an adult and awaiting the day cycle he is set to leave for training, Tayrym learns his long-time crush shares his affections. Now, he’s unsure whether he wants to leave, which dream matters more.

With the threat of being sent away for his sexuality haunting him, Guri keeps his feelings for his former classmate to himself. Even with a new progressive ruler on Hemera, he still hides his attraction to the young man. But when he catches the other shadowing him, Guri decides to take a chance. The only problem is, the man of his desire is leaving the planet soon. Possibly forever.

With obstacle after obstacle in their path, will Tayrym and Guri ever have a chance to be happy together? Or are they destined to fulfill their dreams light years apart?

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Frey shows his true self to Carrie. Read an #excerpt from CELESTIAL SEDUCTION #scifirom #alienromance #romance

Hello! Today I'm sharing the first story that I had published, Celestial Seduction. Happy reading!


No, aliens don’t exist. Or did they? How else could she explain the blue light from his hands and the resulting sensations she’d felt inside? And how could he do things the doctors could not? 

If his words were true, she should run away, get as far away from him as possible before he began experimenting on her. Or had he already? But none of his actions brought her any harm. He’d only held her down and kissed her to keep her calm. And maybe even given her the chance to become a mother. 

But oh, that kiss. 

And now, he sat on the other side of the room, giving her space and time to think things through. 

But he doesn’t look like an alien! Why would he make that up though? What would he gain? 


He looked over, his eyes empty, hollow. She’d never seen anyone look as sad without shedding a tear, quite the transformation from the confident human she’d seen enter the room hours earlier. 

Guilt overwhelmed her for wanting an answer to the question in her head, but she asked anyway. “Is that what you really look like? I mean, you’re like the perfect male specimen.” 

She hoped he’d respond with a smile, but he just shook his head, eyes cast down. “It’s just an illusion created to help us fit in on Earth.” 

She hid her panic, but her mind raced with thoughts of an alien invasion. “Us? There’s more like you?” 

“There were more of us, but everyone else returned to Ginnun. I’m the only one left on Earth.” 

Phew! “Ginnun, what’s that?” 

“My home planet.” 

“Oh, but why? Why did you come here and why did you decide to stay?” 

He glanced toward her. His eyes no longer held any color, their blackness appearing wet. “We came here to learn. The disguise is to prevent spreading fear and violence with our arrival. We mean no harm, but as my kind has travelled through space over the centuries, we have never been met with peace.” 

She could understand why. Most people on Earth believed aliens would only come to the planet to take over. Unsure what she believed, she trusted Frey had no intention of hurting her, he’d had plenty of opportunity already. “Again, why did you stay?” 

His eyes blinked—sideways. She tried to hide her gasp, but failed and he looked away. “Like I told you, my intended one mated with my former friend. I had no one to return to.” 

She slid to the end of the bed, wanting to get closer to him. “Don’t you have family, friends? Are humans really that interesting?” She walked toward him, curious to know and see more. 

“No one that matters.” He paused as if he noticed her getting closer. “On Ginnun, we are taught from a young age that displays of emotion are banned, not that those teachings are always successful. Parents aren’t supposed to love their children and husbands can’t show any affection for their wives. When Tandee gave herself to another, it tore me apart, but I wasn’t allowed to feel that way. After only a month here, I knew I didn’t want to return to Ginnun. I wanted to feel.” 

She stood in front of him then and held out her hands. His black eyes met hers as he wrapped her hands in his. “You’re okay with what I told you?” 

“No, but I’m trying to stay open-minded.” She tried to keep her hands from shaking even as she showed him she could handle the information. “I don’t feel like you want to hurt me though.” 

He lightly squeezed her hands, a smile forming on his lips. “I would never bring you harm.” 

Lifting one hand up, she gently placed it on the side of his face. “Will you show me what you really look like? I can see your real eyes, but I want to see the rest.”

“You won’t run away?” She winced seeing all of the confidence he’d had at the beginning of the night gone, but it made her trust him even more. “Whatever you do, please don’t scream.” 

“I promised to stay the entire night, didn’t I? And don’t worry, I don’t scream unless someone sneaks up on me, or if I see a spider. You don’t look like a spider, do you?” The very thought sent a chill through her body. 

He smiled, some of his confidence back while his human image flickered for a few seconds before completely disappearing. Unsure what to expect, she tried not to judge until she’d set eyes on his entire figure. Long, spindly fingers intertwined with hers. He tried to let go, but she held them tight. His body appeared taller and leaner than before. She saw the same black eyes, a less prominent nose and barely visible ears. His hair became jet black and appeared longer and curlier than before. Underneath luminescent scales, his skin shone a light blue. 

“So, what do you think?” His mouth quirked, revealing his uncertainty. 

Except for their color, his lips were the only thing that didn’t change. She leaned towards him, wondering if they would still feel the same. She had to stand on the tips of her toes to reach him, but wrapping her arms around his neck helped. The feel of his skin surprised her. Perhaps he didn’t have scales, but the pattern lay beneath his skin. 

He’s beautiful. 

His lips were softer, warmer. When Frey responded to her kiss, it produced an urgency inside her that pushed away any lingering fear or hesitation. His hands cradled her ass and lifted her up, closer to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist. “Why don’t we get those clothes off and see what the rest of you looks like?”


At the end of his obligated commitment to the Space Service, Frey Berger decides to stay on Earth to further experience human emotions rather than return to Ginnun where his intended has already mated with another. Looking for real love and someone to accept him for what he is, Frey enlists in Madame Evangeline’s popular dating service. Although he does not understand the concept of a one-night stand, he hopes to find his perfect mate.

Carrie Cooper’s husband divorced her for someone who could provide him with children, leaving her with little self-confidence and no desire to let a man hurt her again. Her best friend convinces her to join a dating service, claiming Carrie needs to get laid, while not winding up with a broken heart since her date requires no commitment after the night is over.

Although several misunderstandings nearly derail them before the date has even begun, Carrie and Frey end up becoming closer than they ever believed possible. Still, Frey will need to convince Carrie that her perfect mate isn’t human at all, and that one night can lead to a forever love.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

RJ and Missy realize zombies have taken over their town. #Excerpt from IT TOOK A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE #romance #books

Hello! Today's excerpt is from a book I wrote when I was feeling a lot of anger and frustration. Not personal, but with things I was seeing all over the news. I had to get it out somehow, so I wrote IT TOOK A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Happy reading!


RJ pressed on the text and read….

Contagion arrived from Ostrander.
Spread through the hospital.
Stay in bunker.
I’m infected.

Zombies? He dropped his phone and stared at it on the floor, expecting it to explode. Zombies didn’t exist. He was in some kind of dream. Had to be. Missy actually had come home for the summer. And kissed him. Now, zombies.

“What is it?” Missy bent down to pick up his cell then handed it back to him. “What happened back at the park?”

“Zombies.” The word came out before he had a chance to stop it. He didn’t know whether to laugh or grab Missy again and run.

A crooked smile formed dimples in her cheeks. “You’re joking, right? Trying to help me laugh off what happened.”

“I wish.” He showed her the message from his father. “My dad doesn’t have a sense of humor.”

The phone beeped, and she pushed his hand away. “I think it needs to be charged. We should call him just to be sure. Or contact somebody. Maybe he meant something else. You know how stupid autocorrect can be.”

RJ rushed to the kitchen, found his charger, and plugged in the cell. But, by then, he’d lost signal. Reception was spotty in West Vitula, but he couldn’t get anything. He peeked through the doorway, out to the living room. “Missy, can you get a signal?”

After digging into her purse, she pulled out her phone with a pink, sparkly case. Not at all what he expected from her. Had he missed that girly side, or had someone given it to her, and she didn’t want to hurt their feelings? That he could understand.

She held the cell up and moved around the room. “I got nothing. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should try outside?” Though he doubted it would make a difference.

Missy stepped over to window and shoved the curtains aside. “Um, there are people coming. And they don’t…look right.”

RJ glanced outside. Neighbors walked down the middle of the street, their bodies twitching. And no one stopped to talk to one another. They just kept marching along to some unknown destination. As they came closer, he noticed their tattered clothing, their disheveled hair, and limbs connected at odd angles to the rest of their body, as if they’d been trampled. And now they were up and walking.


Home for the summer, RJ heads to the annual fun hair to see if his hot neighbor has also returned from university. When he spots her at the kissing booth, he can’t believe his luck. But even though she never spewed racial slurs at him like the rest of the community, will she grant him a kiss?

Missy is tired of the blatant prejudice she’s seen all her life. If not for her brother’s plea for help, she never would have returned to the small town of Ostrander. When the guy she’s had a crush on since grade school asks for a kiss, she knows it will piss of her parents and leave the entire town talking.

After one kiss, RJ wants another, but a sudden zombie outbreak puts him and Missy on the run. To stay alive, they must learn who they can trust. And even if they can trust each other.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hannah and Colin are getting used to gravity again. Read an #excerpt from ALWAYS HER WINGMAN #scifirom #romance

Hello! Today I'm going to share an excerpt from ALWAYS HER WINGMAN, the first book in my Mars Squadron 17 series, which released earlier this year. Happy reading!

Mars Squadron 17 book one

Closing her eyes before waiting for the medical team to leave, Hannah quickly dozed off. She woke sometime later, side rails up on both sides of the bed, the lights turned down low. She heard the heavy breaths of the rest of her team. Thank goodness none of them snore, or I likely would have suffocated them long ago.

Sitting up, she clicked down one of the rails and swung her legs over the edge of the cot. No longer dreary, she wanted to set up a com video link home to see and catch up with the people she loved. The occasional e-mail from her dad hadn’t been enough to appease her mind that nothing had changed.

She planted her feet on the floor, leaned forward, and pushed her body up, hoping she didn’t end up in a heap. Her knees trembled a bit, but she managed to steady herself before taking the first step. Putting one foot in front of the other came as a struggle. Instead of air, she shuffled through water. No, something thicker. Molasses. She didn’t know the location of the communications link-up, but at the rate she traveled, she’d never make it out of the room.

“You okay, Coriveau?”

Hannah gasped, slamming her hand to her chest. “Garish, you scared me.”

“Sorry.” He turned onto his side, his crystal-blue eyes somehow radiant in the dim light. On her most stressful days on Mars and aboard the shuttle home, she would stare at him and find peace in the mesmerizing color of his irises. Though she’d never tell him that, not wanting to give him any indication he had a chance with her. “I just wanted to know if you need me to call the medical staff or something. We’re not supposed to move around on our own yet.”

Always looking out for her, and never a rule breaker, Garish remained her wingman, during flight and now on the ground. “I’m good. Just wanted to call home before we start therapy.”

“Liar. You’re not fine. You look like a toddler learning to walk.”

So much for his marriage proposal. Now he hurled insults at her. She rolled her eyes, sure she couldn’t be that bad. “Thanks, I appreciate the support.”

“We’re back to Earth gravity here, Staff Sergeant. It’s okay to admit your muscles aren’t what they used to be. You’re getting old, you know.”

“Fuck off, Garish. I’m not even a month older than you. Let’s see you try to walk to the door. I’ll race you.” Her knees objected, one giving way before she took another step. She crashed to the floor, slapping her hands on the titanium tiles to avoid a face plant. Her wrist snapped, but she sucked in a breath, trying to ignore the hurt.

“You’re on. Off to a great start, I see.” Garish slid off his bed, landing flat on his ass, his legs wobbling like jelly.

“You, too.” Hannah laughed, struggling back to her feet. He already had a height advantage, plus his bed was closer to the exit. But she would beat him. She had to, for her own dignity.

The next few strides came easy, inertia helping her along. She’d moved to the side to avoid crashing into Garish when a surge of pain ripped up her leg. Reaching out for whatever she could, Hannah grasped his shirt in an attempt to remain standing.

Garish spun around, his eyes fierce. “Cheater.”

But the glare didn’t last long. He fell backward, his eyes widening and jaw dropping open as he plummeted toward the floor.

She didn’t realize he’d grabbed her hips until she tumbled toward him with no chance to stop herself. She crashed onto his chest, the air forced from her lungs. Her chin smacked the top of his rib cage, snapping her jaw and making her eyes water. Sucking in air, she tasted blood.

“Shit, Coriveau, are you all right?”

She licked her lip, finding the source of the blood. “I think so. Just bit my lip. You?”

“Um....” He groaned, shifting underneath her.

And then she felt it, his semi-hard cock obvious against her stomach. She gazed into his eyes, lit up with blue flames, igniting her too-long-dormant desires.

Her heart thumped against her rib cage. She couldn’t move, didn’t know if she wanted to. Every nerve ending tingled, those in contact with him on fire.

He lifted his head, and she sank deeper into his heated gaze. His lips brushed hers, sweeping across the open wound, lingering until he kissed her. Slow, sweet, and oh so magical. Her skin sizzled from his touch.

Wrapping his hands under her thighs, he pulled her closer.

Why didn’t I let him kiss me sooner?

He pulled away, and she whimpered, desperate for more. Resting his head back on the floor, he gave her the lopsided grin she’d come to adore. “I’ve always wanted you, Hannah.”


Staff Sergeant Hannah Coriveau dedicated the last five years to the Space Military Command. Heading back to Earth, she’s ready to begin civilian life and reunite with her parents and the boyfriend she left behind. The person she’ll miss most is Garish—her wingman, best friend, and the one who made her regret not being single.

Senior Airman Colin Garish wants his squadron leader. Bad. After spending so much time by her side—both in the Martian skies and on the red planet—being her friend isn’t enough. When Hannah learns of her boyfriend’s infidelity, Colin is there to comfort her.

Before Colin has the chance to confess his feelings, Hannah receives worse news from home. Her father is dying. Seeing her devastation, Colin remains the friend she desperately needs. But in her grief, she pushes him away. Will Hannah let him back in her life when they land on Earth? Or will Colin never get the chance to win her heart?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Adam gets the invitation he's been waiting for. Read an #excerpt from ALIEN ADMIRER #scifiom #romance #AlienNextDoor

Hello! Today I'm sharing an excerpt from the second book in my Alien Next Door series, ALIEN ADMIRER. The hero of the story is the son of Luke and Rachel from book one. Happy reading!

Excerpt from ALIEN ADMIRER
Alien Next Door book two

What is it going to take to convince her I want her? On the ride home, he’d persuaded himself to give up on Sera. Until he’d seen her on the porch. He had to seize what might be his lone opportunity.

“Why do you have such a problem accepting that I’m attracted to you?”

She faced him again, her cheeks glowing with color. “I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I’m flattered. I have a problem with how much I’m attracted to you, how even on my date, I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

It was all the invitation he needed. Closing the space between them, he held her, pressing his lips to hers. Sera moaned, her body tight against his. She didn’t push him away, instead wrapping her arms around him, running her foot up and down the back of his calf.

He clutched her thighs, pulling her up to straddle his waist. Every moan encouraged him to keep going. He wanted more.

“Inside,” she said in a breathless whisper. “Take me into the house.”

All right! Grasping and fumbling with the handle, he managed to open the door without letting her go. Focused on her in his arms, he shuffled around blindly until his knees met her couch. He laid Sera on the cushion, but she clung to him.

“No, my bedroom. And be sure to close the door.”

Her room? Holy shit! Before that moment, he’d expected several days of trying to win her over before she invited him to her room, if she ever even acknowledged his feelings.

He carried her up the butcher block wood steps, to the bedroom he’d helped build. While he’d helped build every part of the house, the master bedroom remained the one room he hadn’t entered since Sera moved in.

Sacred, just like her body.


He fills her with forbidden longing…

Widowed for over a year, Sera longs for the company of her younger, sexier neighbor, the one man she can never have—unless she plans to rob the cradle. It’s too dangerous…

She’s the only one for him…

Adam never wanted to settle down…until Sera. But even when her children give him the green light, he must prove age is an alien concept...

Will Sera give him a chance, or will Adam be left in the cold, never more than her alien admirer?