Saturday, July 11, 2020

Meet Jun, the leopard cat alpha from HIS OMEGA ON STAGE #Romance #MLM #MPreg #PNR #Omegaverse #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

I'm back, after a couple weekends off, to share a snippet from the fourth book in my Shifter Towers series, HIS OMEGA ON STAGE. Like all the other books in this series, it is an MM paranormal romance.

Set-up: This is from the beginning of the story. Meet Jun, the alpha of the book.

Another day, another dollar. Okay, so I made more than a dollar a day, but that’s how the saying went. I was on my way to work once again. All I seemed to do lately, with nothing to break the monotony of my week. I used to teach guitar lessons to a few high school kids on my days off, but they either went off to college, or had their own part-time job now with no time for lessons anymore. And I hadn’t bothered to look for more students. A boyfriend? Yeah right! Who wanted a leopard cat alpha who worked the evening shift at a record store? One who had a bad boy reputation in high school that hadn’t translated well into adulthood. 

**That's ten, but I've included a little more so you can really get to know Jun.**

I had the occasional lonely omega come into the store at night. But a hookup with them never led to another. At first, that’s exactly what I’d wanted, having been burned by those I’d loved in the past. But, that had quickly become a lonely life. Now, I was “too passionate,” or “an overgrown house cat,” and not at all the type of fun my bed warmers were looking for. I wasn’t the “bad boy” they expected.

So, I worked. And when I wasn’t working, I listened to music at home, sometimes strumming along. That was my life. Boring. And another boring night awaited me at work.

Shifter Towers book four

For leopard cat shifter, Jun, being the rogue alpha in high school hadn’t helped him as an adult. Though he sometimes believed he was ready to find a mate, past experiences taught him that those he loves eventually leave him. So, he protects his heart by seeing omegas looking for nothing more than a one-night stand. Until he runs into someone from his past.

As the first omega signed to Adan Records, AI is anxious for the release of his debut album. Being a leopard cat shifter instead of an actual leopard like the rest of his family has always made him feel small and insignificant. But now he’s about to shine bright in front of the world, all on his own, without an alpha by his side. He doesn’t need one, and definitely doesn’t have time for one. Though when he runs into someone from his past who knows him as Ash, he wants to give this alpha all of his attention.

On Stage
But with all the problems that fame brings, will Ash be able to make a relationship work? Will Jun fight for the omega he’s sure is his fated mate? Or will they just let each other slip away, believing what they have just isn’t enough?.


The first book in the series,
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Sparks in the boardroom and the bedroom... A REUNION OF RIVALS by @ReeseRyanWrites #newrelease #romance #books #reading


Sparks in the boardroom
and the bedroom…

She can’t let anything derail her passion project,
Not even a second chance with the sexiest man alive…

The deal that could bring Quinn Bazemore’s career back from the brink has one catch: she must partner up with her ex-lover Max Abbott. Quinn can’t forget the pleasure-filled summer they shared. But now she’s butting heads over business strategy with the mouthwatering marketing VP, even as their reawakened desire threatens to expose her deepest secrets…



As soon as the door closed behind his sister, Quinn turned to him and scowled. “Why would you give everyone the impression something is going on between us?” 

He tried not to take her words personally, but damn if it didn’t feel like she’d kicked him in the teeth wearing a pair of steel toe boots. 

There was a time when her greatest desire had been for them to go out on a proper date and let the world see them together. Rather than sneaking around and hooking up in his shabby little loft over the barn or in the bed of his truck, parked beneath the stars.

Heat stung his cheeks as he jammed his hands into his pockets. “They probably assume I want to talk about the project or catch up with an old friend.”

He pretended not to notice the way she pressed her lips together and furrowed her brows when he referred to them as friends.

Damn. Is there a draft in here?

The chilly vibe coming from his ex was all too real.

“And I really would love to catch up at some point. But first, I need to tell you just how sorry I am.”

“No.” She shook her head, her tousled beach waves swinging gently.

He curled the fingers still shoved into his pockets into tight fists. Max couldn’t help remembering how he’d sifted the soft strands through his fingers as she had lain in his arms. And the dreamy way she’d gazed up at him after they’d made love.

There was nothing remotely romantic about the frosty look Quinn cast in his direction from beneath her long, thick eyelashes.

“No, you won’t allow me to apologize to you, or no, you’re not willing to accept my sincere apology?” He sat on the edge of the conference table.

“Both.” Quinn folded her arms, her expression neutral. Despite the iciness that slid over his skin in response to her answer, her tone and expression betrayed no anger. “A—I don’t want your apology. B—There’s no need for it.”

Heat spanned his forehead. Max had imagined having this conversation with Quinn dozens of times. He’d envisioned anger, forgiveness and lots of incredibly hot makeup sex. What he hadn’t foreseen was Quinn standing here calm, callous and completely out of fucks to give.

Not that he didn’t deserve it.


Pretty Bookmark.
Pretty diary. 
Pen set. 
Reese Ryan coffee mug.


Reese Ryan writes sexy, emotional romance with captivating family drama, surprising secrets, and a posse of complex, flawed characters. A Midwesterner with deep Southern roots, Reese currently resides in semi-small-town North Carolina where she’s an avid reader, a music junkie, and a self-declared connoisseur of cheesy grits.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Nine Years Published! Where did the time go? #romance #scifirom #PNR #aliens #shifters #books

It's hard to believe that nine years ago today, my first story, Celestial Seduction, was released. Since then, I've written many more that have gone to publishers and others I've self-published. I've received the rights back on a few, most of them I republished, and a couple that will never see the light of day again. I've learned a lot over the years, and I'm still constantly learning, and being inspired by other authors.

I've learned that I have to write in a notebook no matter how hard I've tried to make myself use Scrivner and even simply MS Word to get my thoughts down. So, I write in my current notebook then when I finish a chapter, I transfer my words to a document on my computer.

I've also gone from being a pantser (no detailed planning), to a plotter. My outlines may not be as detailed as those of other authors, but I use an outline by Stephanie Bond that she showed us in a course she taught through the RWA a few years ago.

I'm also usually plotting two books ahead of the one that I'm writing. 

Currently, I am writing the fourth book in my Shifter Towers series. It's my longest book yet, and it's not quite finished. Almost. I also have the next book plotted, which will be a one story spin-off of the Shifter Towers series. And I'm planning the next story after that, where I'll be returning to sci-fi romance.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I found it hard to write, as I was trying to figure out what would happen with my other job, and how the kids would be doing their school work from home. But, eventually I got a routine going, and it really helped. Hopefully I'll be announcing that I've finished HIS OMEGA ON STAGE soon.

Over the years, I've participated in many blog hops and tours, including some where authors share snippets from their published stories or works-in-progress. I started sharing through Six Sentence Sunday, and met so many wonderful author through participating in that. Since then, I've also participated in Mid-Week Tease, My Sexy Saturday, and Weekend Writing Warriors. Once I finish my current story, I'll be sharing snippets to tease you all through Weekend Writing Warriors. I've also been a contributor to posts on various blogs like Backwards Momentum, Paranormal Romantics, SFR Brigade, and Romance Eh? Canadian Style.

I've written multiple series, including The Underground, Alien Next Door, Galactic Defenders, and Shifter Towers. I've also written stories for various lines at Decadent Publishing, including their 1Night Stand line, and Beyond Fairytales.

It's been a ride, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So, HAPPY READING!!