Saturday, March 16, 2019

A delivery for Adan Records ~ Read a snippet from BUNNY OMEGA ON THE RUN #PNR #MMromance #LGBTQ #MPreg

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Thank you to all of you who visited my post last weekend! I'm continuing with more BUNNY OMEGA ON THE RUN, an MPreg Omegaverse Pop Star Shifter Romance, which will be published with Decadent Publishing. This story will release on March 29, 2019. If you are able to host me for a blog tour for this story, please fill out this form. Thank you to those who have already signed up!!

Set-up: Last weekend, Kish was back at the delivery service office, waiting for the next call to come in as it would be his delivery. When it came in, he was sent to La Sandwich Shoppe. So many of you were curious as to who he'd meet there. Well, it's not what you think, but we'll get there eventually.

I'm going to skip several sentences to where Kish is actually at La Sandwich Shoppe. (Creatively edited to fit the ten sentence limit)

I made it to La Sandwich Shoppe in ten minutes. My first few deliveries were small and to various floors of office buildings within a two-block radius. Easy, quick, and they tipped nicely. I would finally have some extra money to buy a few TK songs to repay him for saving me a few days ago.

I walked into La Sandwich Shoppe once again to see where my next delivery would be. Instead of the smaller bags I was used to finding on the delivery counter, I saw two giant cooler bags filled with food.

“Kish, perfect!” The restaurant owner bustled toward me. “The next delivery is to Shifter Towers, Adan Records, which is the fourth floor of the third building. Check in at the front desk, and they’ll let you up.”

Bunny Omega on the Run (Shifter Towers book one):

As a pop star, I never expected to find true love. Not in a world where everything is temporary and often fake. But then he ran into me. Not once, but twice. My tiger instantly recognized him as my mate. Now, I just have to convince Kish that what we have is real.

The oldest of ten kids, I saw what my mother went through after my father left. After that, I started taking blockers so I would never go into heat, never have kids. Because love was for the weak. And I was doing just fine on my own.

Then I met TK. Literally smacked right into him. But no matter how much I wanted it to be true, I refused to believe that he could love a bunny shifter from the wrong part of town.

Releases March 29, 2019

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  1. I bet he's hoping big bags of sandwiches mean big tips!

  2. I like the name of the sandwich shop. Those sandwiches must be La Delicious!

  3. Jessica, this snippet is marvelous and delicious.

  4. This snippet is making me hungry LOL. Enjoyed the excerpt...

  5. Replies
    1. Shifter Towers is the name of the three high rise buildings in the center of Saramto. There are many businesses run out of each of the buildings. It's also the name of the series. :)

  6. Adan Records - is that TK's label I wonder?

  7. Oh my, I'm thinking how much work this delivery is going to be. lol Big coolers full of food, and the delivery isn't on ground level. If Kish has to run again, it might be exciting. :-)

    I wonder if TK will be there?

    1. Yes, no running for this delivery. Who knows who he'll meet at Adan Records. Though more on that next weekend.

  8. Sounds like a big job. Lots of sandwiches.

  9. Oh, I wonder who THAT could be? And who that meal is for . . . for sharing with a certain some-bunny?

  10. Sandwiches to shifter tower! Can't wait to read more and find out if he's going to run into someone special...