Saturday, March 30, 2019

A second run in. Read a snippet from BUNNY OMEGA ON THE RUN #MPreg #PNR #MMromance #newrelease

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all of you who visited my post last weekend! I'm continuing with more BUNNY OMEGA ON THE RUN, an MPreg MM Shifter Pop Star Romance. This story is now available in digital and print at Amazon. And I'm hosting a release contest. Find that at the bottom of this post.

Set-up: Last weekend, Kish took a delivery to Adan Records in Shifter Towers and met Conn there. Of course, the wolf shifter intimidated him. But, is all lost for the bunny shifter?

Once again, I'm skipping several sentences to get to the part where Kish is exiting the elevator, ready to leave Shifter Towers. (Creatively edited from published version to fit the ten sentence limit)

As soon as the doors opened, I plowed right out, anxious to leave the den of predators behind, return the delivery bags, and finally grab something to eat.


I groaned, having hit someone very solid. Twice in one week; not good odds.

“Hey.” Strong hands gripped my shoulders. “Promise me you won’t shift again.”

Fuck! I dared a glance up, meeting TK’s gaze. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry...I should watch where I’m going, I really should.”

Bunny Omega on the Run 
Shifter Towers book one

As a pop star, I never expected to find true love. 

Not in a world where everything is temporary and often fake. But then he ran into me. Not once, but twice. My tiger instantly recognized him as my mate. Now, I just have to convince Kish that what we have is real.

The oldest of ten kids, I saw what my mother went through after my father left. After that, I started taking blockers so I would never go into heat, never have kids. Because love was for the weak. And I was doing just fine on my own.

Then I met TK. Literally smacked right into him. But no matter how much I wanted it to be true, I refused to believe that he could love a bunny shifter from the wrong part of town.

Bunny Omega on the Run is a super sweet with knotty heat MM mpreg shifter popstar romance. It is book 1 of the Shifter Towers series but can be read as a standalone.

Now Available in digital and print:
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  1. If he's going to go around bumping into people all the time, he needs to hone his bunny survival skills.

    1. LOL He usually doesn't bump into people. Just TK for some reason. 😉

  2. I agree with Ed. A bunny ought to be more aware of its surroundings since it has so many predators.

  3. Possibly there is some animal magnetism going on? heh heh.

  4. He seems to have a knack for bumping into things!

  5. Seems like fate to me LOL...and I wouldn't bet on him not shifting to escape again. Enjoyed the excerpt - congratulations on the new release!

    1. He shifts when he's frightened, so it's a possibility. Thanks so much, Veronica!

  6. Love the ending of this snippet! :D

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, his heart rate hasn't gone down since he left the wokf shifters and won't anytime soon.

  8. He really should watch where he's going. LOL This is becoming a habit, rabbit! :) Loved the snippet!

  9. Caught! I hope he won't shift too. I'm curious to know where this conversation is going. :)

    1. So long as TK doesn't pose a threat, he won't shift. ;)