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Jun's walls crumble when it comes to Ash. Read a snippet from HIS OMEGA ON STAGE #Romance #MPreg #PNR #MLM #Omegaverse #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited last weekend! I've been sharing snippets from the fourth book in my Shifter Towers series, HIS OMEGA ON STAGE. Like all the other books in this series, it is an MM paranormal romance. Just two more snippets from this story until I start sharing from DEMON ON JACKSON STREET in January.

Set-up: In last weekend's snippet, Ash kissed Jun then put his head back on his shoulder like nothing happened.

This weekend, I'm continuing from where I left off. Things start to get steamy. Not graphic though. You can read the book for that. Enjoy! (In Jun's point of view)

I shook my head in shock, sure I hadn’t imagined it. “Are you really going to act like you didn’t just do that?” Sure, I’d told Ash that we should be friends rather than anything else, but I’d thought about him too much during the three weeks of no communication. And now that we were hanging out, I’d started to question whether I could remain nothing more than friends with an omega my leopard cat actually approved of, and whose scent comforted me, yet drove me crazy at the same time. We were both leopard cats. Perhaps there was a reason we kept ending up in the same place.

Ash squeezed my thigh before he chuckled. “After the kiss in the elevator, I’ve wanted to do that, but never found the right time. So, I took a chance.”

“Oh, so I guess you don’t want any more.”

**That's ten, but here's a little more for your reading pleasure.**

Because I suddenly wanted so much more, and didn’t know if I could remain on the couch with him before I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. I couldn’t lie to myself. I yearned to be Ash’s alpha. Maybe not right away, but I needed to know if that was still a possibility.

He answered immediately, but not with words. Letting go of my thigh, he swung a leg over mine until he straddled me. He wrapped his arms around the back of my neck and rested his forehead on mine. “I will never say no to more kisses from you.”

Grabbing his hips, I pulled him closer and joined our lips together. His were so soft, and, while he seemed hesitant, maybe a bit inexperienced, he was quick to catch on. When he pulled away with a gasp, I continued to kiss down his jaw, to his neck. He tasted just as sweet as his scent.

He tilted his head back, giving me access to more of his bare skin. “You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of this moment.”

Shifter Towers book four

For leopard cat shifter, Jun, being the rogue alpha in high school hadn’t helped him as an adult. Though he sometimes believed he was ready to find a mate, past experiences taught him that those he loves eventually leave him. So, he protects his heart by seeing omegas looking for nothing more than a one-night stand. Until he runs into someone from his past.

As the first omega signed to Adan Records, AI is anxious for the release of his debut album. Being a leopard cat shifter instead of an actual leopard like the rest of his family has always made him feel small and insignificant. But now he’s about to shine bright in front of the world, all on his own, without an alpha by his side. He doesn’t need one, and definitely doesn’t have time for one. Though when he runs into someone from his past who knows him as Ash, he wants to give this alpha all of his attention.

On Stage
But with all the problems that fame brings, will Ash be able to make a relationship work? Will Jun fight for the omega he’s sure is his fated mate? Or will they let each other slip away, believing what they have isn’t enough?


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  1. It sounds like Ash has had the hots for him awhile. That's always welcome news at the beginning of a relationship.

    1. Yes, ever since high school. Definitely a long time.

  2. Oh, I think Ash will want more, tee-hee!

  3. Hoping his dreams of the moment more than natch the actual moment.

    1. The only thing he's upset about at the end of the night is the fact that Jun has to leave. Ash's manager called and said so.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh no! There is still so much of the story left to go. Many more ups and downs for these two.

  5. I'm glad they're finally acting on their impulses! Enjoyed the snippet...

  6. Jessica, you are the master of Sweet/Hot combos. Enjoyed the snippet!

  7. Awww. Very sweet, which is actually great foreplay. Enjoyed this!

  8. Finally! Things are out in the open now.

  9. Now that things are starting to take off, I hope they can come to an accord. Unfortunately, the course of true love never runs straight, so i bet there are still some bumps ahead. But a great snippet! So glad they are moving in the right direction!

  10. I'm glad they're finally starting to act on their feelings! Now if the rest of the world can just cooperate...

  11. Aw, that's beautiful! As the queen of being friendzoned, I love stories where characters discover that their unrequited love isn't unrequited after all.

  12. Nice job of them letting go of their hesitations and their fears of rejection! Getting steamy. lol :-)