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Vasovagal Syncope & how I write what I know in HIS OMEGA ON STAGE #Romance #MPreg #PNR #Omegaverse #books #reading #AuthorConfession

Hello and welcome back to my Release Week!

HIS OMEGA ON STAGE released on Monday, and I'm thankful for all of you who have bought your copy, and for those who have left a review as well!

Through some of my snippets for Weekend Writing Warriors, I hinted at Ash having a condition that he kept a secret. Why? Because he didn't want it to become an issue for him as a performer. Though, the condition does come into play a couple times during the book. It's also a condition that I've had since I was nine years old, and still deal with.

The condition is called Vasovagal Syncope, or fainting caused by the body overreacting to certain triggers. The trigger causes the heart rate and blood pressure to suddenly drop, which reduces blood flow to the brain and thus, temporary loss of consciousness. There can be other underlying causes to fainting, but in my case, I don't have any. I have had multiple tests to be sure; EEG, EKG, tilt table test, wearing a heart monitor for days, and more. I just pass out. I know some of my triggers, like the sight of needles (even on the television, though blood doesn't bother me), but am baffled by others. 

The first time I passed out was in grade four, immediately after handing in a math test. I've also passed out at my grandmother's wedding, at the hairdressers, in English class while reading a book, and many more times. No needles involved in several of those instances.

Like Ash does in the story, I have to make sure I eat throughout the day, never skip breakfast, and that I remain hydrated.

Here's a snippet from the story....

Oh, how I wished Phons was there. He’d give me a few more minutes to compose myself, make sure I had a clear head. But my manager and the owner of Adan Records were the only two who knew about my condition. And they wanted to keep it that way. Not even my family knew, as it hadn’t presented until I had started training with the company.

And another....

I stepped closer and hugged him. “Thank you, I’m so glad you came today. Knowing you were watching from the side helped calm my nerves.” And it had. At first, the sight and scent of Jun made me nervous, but sleeping with his scent on my hoodie last night and then seeing him again today had eased much of my anxiety. I’d been so careful about my condition, making sure I ate beforehand, but not too much, so nothing happened on stage. But sometimes my waves of dizziness were unpredictable. Though, once on stage, it was the last thing on my mind.

And Ash had been careful, but even when you're careful, it can still happen....

My body wasn’t as eager as my mind though. As soon as I stood, my head began to spin, and my legs gave way beneath me. I tried to reach out for Jun, but I couldn’t see or feel him. I felt myself fall, but could do nothing to stop it. Everything around me was black, and there was an incessant ringing in my ears. I could hear someone calling my name, but they seemed so far away. The ringing turned into a fuzzy static, and, while I still couldn’t see, I could feel someone’s hands on me and dryness in my mouth.

I groaned, waiting for the spell to pass. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but I’d been very careful to eat properly and take care of myself so I didn’t pass out. And fainting with Jun here was the last thing I’d wanted to happen.

“Ash, are you okay?”

Reaching out for him, I pressed my eyelids shut, hoping my vision would be better when I opened them again. “Yeah, just....”

I hated this part, when I was starting to come back to consciousness but still didn’t have control over every part of my body.

“Ash, shit, what happened?” I could hear the panic in his voice, not at all what I needed right now. “Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No.” I tried to shake my head, but couldn’t be sure I actually did, or if my words were understandable. “I’ll be okay in a few minutes.”

In this case, Ash's fainting spell doesn't put Ash in danger, but later in the story, it does. Want to know how? Be sure to read HIS OMEGA ON STAGE!

Shifter Towers book four

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