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Caught in a sand storm ~ Read my Weekend Writing Warriors excerpt from GENJ #Romance #MMRomance #SciFiRomance #KaddimBrothers

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Hello everyone! Thank you to all those who came to visit me last weekend! This weekend, I'm sharing another snippet from my new release, GENJ, the second book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS.

Set-up: Last weekend Vawn guessed that Utahn was pregnant, but Utahn told him not to tell Genj. I'm skipping to the next chapter this week. Genj and Utahn are talking again, but Genj still doesn't know Utahn is pregnant.

In this snippet, Genj is on the planet Harasa for another race. He hasn't seen Utahn in person since their first weekend together, as he is always training or racing on other planets. Enjoy!

Grit scratched my eyes as I shielded my face with my forearm and clutched onto the closest body. I needed to get myself, and anyone else I could find along the way, indoors to escape the sudden sandstorm. Out on the tarmac with my team, I’d been watching the acrobatics show that often preceded the second round of preliminary races during race weekends. ORIXA had easily won the first round the day before, and we had nothing to do except wait until the final race the following day. Finally, we’d get a chance to perform a new maneuver where I was going to take the lead. It involved some rolls we’d just seen the smaller acrobatic jets perform. The sandstorm had come out of nowhere, not part of any weather forecast for Harasa that we’d seen before or since we’d arrived.

Knowing how difficult it was to land in such conditions, I’d remained outside to try and help the incoming pilots. The storm was now to the point where I couldn’t catch sight of anything beyond millions of particles of sand whipping past my face. I’d closed my eyes and reached out for anybody I could grasp, pulling them in the direction where I thought and hoped the closest hangar was.

*And some more if you're interested...

The being stumbled along at my side, perhaps with more sand in their eyes than me. We’d likely only been walking for a few minutes, but it had felt like hours when I couldn’t see, and I wasn’t familiar with this area. Eventually I heard someone shouting over the constant roar of the wind. A welcome sound. As long as it wasn’t my imagination playing tricks on me.

My ears popped as I was grabbed and yanked into a building.

“We got you. Both of you.”

I finally let go of the being I had dragged along with me and caught my balance, a surprising feat considering my usual ungraceful ways. I couldn’t see a thing, my eyes burning and watering from all the particles that had been whipped at my face. If I’d had my helmet, I could have avoided the feeling of tiny shards of glass tearing at my eyeballs, but it was sitting in the cockpit of my jet.

Kaddim Brothers book two

Genj is a cinnamon roll alpha. Even as one of the circuit’s best space racers, he’s shy and rather clumsy. Not qualities anyone wants in a mate, especially the omega he’s crushed on for years. But when Genj invites Utahn on a whim to visit him for a weekend, the omega agrees.

Utahn never expected his best friend’s older brother to reciprocate his feelings. Genj is a space racer, and everyone in the universe knows they rarely commit. When the two get together, sparks fly. And what once seemed impossible becomes a dream come true.

But situations change. And past relationships have a way of interfering with new ones. Can Genj and Utahn work through past traumas, or were they never meant to be more than a childhood crush?


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  1. Give me a second while I wash the grit from my eyes. Are we going to be pleasantly surprised at who he grabbed onto?

  2. Dramatic indeed! Excellent excerpt, I felt the sandstorm!

  3. Grit in the eyes - yuck! And who has he brought inside?

  4. I need to know. Who did he drag along with him? Was it Utahn?? 😃

  5. oooh - who pulled him in?????

  6. I'm wondering too who Genj grabbed. I'd hazard a guess, but I think I'll wait for next week's snippet. :) Great description of the sandstorm! Tweeted.

  7. Great description of the effects of the sandstorm. I felt like I was there with him. Like the others, I'm dying to know who he dragged in. Sometimes, next week is a long time off. LOL

  8. I was screaming in my head when he grabbed onto the closest being. I'm so hoping its who I think it is! :)