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The storm cancelled the race. But what does that mean for GENJ? Weekend Writing Warriors #Romance #MMRomance #SciFiRomance #KaddimBrothers

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Hello everyone! Thank you to all those who came to visit me last weekend! This weekend, I'm sharing another snippet from my new release, GENJ, the second book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS.

Set-up: Last weekend Genj got caught in a sandstorm and ended up in a shed. I hate to disappoint all of you, but it wasn't Utahn who he pulled in with him. It was a random stranger. But that doesn't mean Utahn and Genj won't be together soon....

In this snippet, I'm skipping ahead a little in this scene. Genj is still in the shed and had a helmet plopped on his head to clean his eyes. As soon as he could see, he asked one of the mechanics what he could do to help. She asked him to use the comm unit to try to contact the USRA or anyone else, as their personal communicators were all offline. Enjoy!

Static filled the screen, but I could hear a clicking sound. “Skyranked Laeu here. Please tell me your name and status.”

I let out a breath of relief. At least the storm hadn’t knocked out the comm system entirely. “Yes, this is Genj Kaddim of ORIXA. I’m in shed”—I glanced around for an identifying marker, and found the number next to the comm unit—“eighteen. All the crew are accounted for, and they rescued a few others caught in the storm. I should have names for you soon.”

“Got it.” The screen cleared, and I saw the skyranked for the first time. A Retemian, their gills pulsing in an odd manner. Had they been caught in the sandstorm, too?

*And some more if you're interested...

“The forecast shows the weather improving temporarily in an hour. We’re sending all racers to Eurebly, then, and the fans home while we can.”

“Okay. I’ll let everyone here know.”

The time passed slowly and quickly at the same time. I went back and forth between the shed and office, relaying information to both parties to arrange where everyone inside needed to go in order for all non-residents to evacuate the planet. No one had predicted such a bad storm, and the USRA could only estimate how long it would last, but they wanted to get everyone safely home while they could. Once all the details had been arranged, we still had to wait for the air to clear. Giving me plenty of time to think.

Kaddim Brothers book two

Genj is a cinnamon roll alpha. Even as one of the circuit’s best space racers, he’s shy and rather clumsy. Not qualities anyone wants in a mate, especially the omega he’s crushed on for years. But when Genj invites Utahn on a whim to visit him for a weekend, the omega agrees.

Utahn never expected his best friend’s older brother to reciprocate his feelings. Genj is a space racer, and everyone in the universe knows they rarely commit. When the two get together, sparks fly. And what once seemed impossible becomes a dream come true.

But situations change. And past relationships have a way of interfering with new ones. Can Genj and Utahn work through past traumas, or were they never meant to be more than a childhood crush?


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  1. Wow--what a storm! I liked how Genj took control of the situation. I hope they all get to safety when the lull in the storm arrives. :-)

    1. He was only doing what he could to help. Thank you, Teresa!

  2. Interesting detail in the pulsing gills. Tweeted.

  3. Good job showing Genj's character--brave and calm during a crisis.

  4. Fascinating world building type snippet! Really enjoyed it...