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Yoni grabs a late lunch in this #excerpt from PIKA OMEGA PLUS ONE #romance #MMromance #MPreg #PNR #newrelease

Hello! I'm sharing excerpts from chapter one of PIKA OMEGA PLUS ONE starting this week. Yesterday was in Milo's point of view, and today we're switching to Yoni's. If you missed yesterday's excerpt, you can find it here. And I hope you'll check out the giveaway at the end of this post. Anyway, here's excerpt 2...

Chapter One continued...


I sat at my desk, watching as the anchor, meteorologist, and head of sports and entertainment signed off for the noon news. My quick two-minute report about the car that drove through the front window of La Sandwich Shoppe at West First Avenue went well. In the clip, I’d shown the accident site and interviewed the officer sent to the scene, the owner of the shop, and even a mouse shifter named Herbie, who was a witness. Everything had been prerecorded earlier in the day, and I’d had a quick chance to edit the footage before submitting it for the noon hour program. My first on-screen story.

“Nice work!” The producer patted my back on her way past my desk. “Got a special interest story for you next. You’ll have the information after lunch.”

“Thank you,” I called after her. I’d been at Saramto Shifter News Network for several months already, hoping my paid internship position would turn into a full-time job. Or part-time. Just something more permanent. Until this week, I wasn’t sure that was possible, considering I’d never been assigned my own stories. I’d simply shadowed another news correspondent to gain an understanding of how the equipment worked and what was expected in a report. But when Dannie went on vacation, the station trusted me to tackle some stories on my own. A nice change, but I didn’t know how long this opportunity would last, whether I’d go back to being a shadow when my mentor returned, or whether this was the beginning of me working on my own. Time to shine and prove myself, I guess.

When I’d originally come to Saramto after graduating from Highland University with a Bachelor of Communications Studies, I’d expected to easily find a job. Especially being an alpha. But it turned out, in this city, shifter alphas were given more priority over regular human ones. And though I’d never seen anyone shift in public, the residents of Saramto all seemed to know who was a shifter and who was not. Namely me.

Trying not to feel sorry for myself, considering the new opportunity in front of me, I headed down to NJ Fresh Foods on the first floor to get a bowl of soup and a sandwich for lunch. I might as well be prepared for when my next assignment was given. Dannie had taught me to always eat when I had the chance because I might not get another break for several hours when covering a story. And I wasn’t exactly one to make my own food. I could burn a pot of water. And had many times. So, I simply bought my meals from the various food shops around Shifter Towers. La Sandwich Shoppe, the place I went to for the accident, was absolutely delicious. I first learned about them when they’d catered a network lunch. But most of the time, I went to NJ Foods. They prepped meals daily, and had a great selection of cuisine from various cultures around the world. I never grew tired of eating food from there.

When the elevator doors opened on the first floor, I darted through the crowd now finished with their lunch break and heading back up to work. Though I was hungry, I actually preferred to have a later lunch. Without the crowd, I could take my time selecting exactly what I wanted to eat and, most of the time, didn’t have to wait in line to pay for my food.

At the soup station, there were always six to choose from along with the basic chicken noodle and chili. Today, they had Kusksu, a traditional Maltese soup, which looked and smelled delicious. Food I never would have had a chance to enjoy back in Bolton. Everything there was so traditionally greasy, tasting of fat and salt. I scooped some of the Kusksu into my reusable bowl then slid over to see what they had for sandwiches.

I hadn’t watched where I was going, my eyes too focused on the food. And I tripped over someone. My soup fell out of my hand, and when the container hit the person I tripped over, the lid opened, and the soup spilled down his back. I gasped as he jumped up, cursing under his breath. I grabbed a handful of napkins to wipe it off him, but he spun away from me, untucking his shirt in the process.

“Sorry!” I grabbed his arm, trying to get him to hold still so I could help. I felt horrible. “I’m so sorry.”

He shook me off. “Whatever. I need to clean up this mess now.”

“Let me.” It was all my fault. He shouldn’t have to clean up after me because I hadn’t been paying attention. I just hoped he was okay, that he wasn’t badly burned.

After wiping up as much as I could off the floor with the napkins, I tossed them in the closest trash container. The guy returned with a mop, the back of his shirt still untucked. Though he’d managed to wash the soup off, the material was still wet from my clumsiness. I reached for the mop. “I’ll do it. It’s my fault.”

“No.” The guy, Milo according to his name tag, sighed at me. “Just get more soup and go. This is my job. Don’t worry about it.”

Easier said than done. I’d hurt him and made a mess. It was my fault, and yet he’d suffered for it. “Your shirt. Is it ruined? How much does another one cost?”

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Enjoy your lunch, sir.”

How was I supposed to respond? I hadn’t fixed anything and only felt worse. Releasing a heavy breath, I heard my dad’s words in my head. You’ll never find a mate if you don’t start acting like an alpha.

I’d heard his advice over and over since puberty. The moment my results had come back. A surprise to me, and an even bigger one to my parents. So much so, they’d had me tested again. Same thing. When I announced I had an internship in Saramto, my surviving father had been overjoyed. He’d believed I would learn to be a proper alpha in a big city. His only restriction was to stay away from shifters. Kind of hard to do in this metropolis. I definitely felt like an outsider here. And my mentor was a non-binary beta black panther shifter. Great at their job, but not exactly what my dad had in mind.

I didn’t care. I’d always been this way, and I didn’t plan on changing. So what if I was too sweet or not dominant enough for some. When I found the right person or shifter, such things wouldn’t matter.


Shifter Towers book three

My mate died in a horrible car crash the night after he claimed me. I didn’t know I was pregnant with his child until he was buried in the ground. Luckily, my brother and his family supported me through it all. Now, it’s time for me to earn my keep. I’m going back to work. Not only to earn money, but to have a social life again. Even if just during the hours I’m at my job. Because I’m nowhere near ready for another relationship. Not sure I ever will be.

I moved to Saramto to take a paid intern position at the local news station. My first time living in such a big city. And as the time limit on my contract kept looming closer, I hoped to come across something to keep me here. Nothing did. Until I met Milo and his adorable son. Now, I want them to be mine and I have no desire to leave. But my time is drawing near. While I pray for some miracle to come along and let me stay, I must find a way to tell Milo I have to go.

Pika Omega Plus One is a sweet with knotty heat shifter mm mpreg romance. It is book three in the popular Shifter Towers Series.


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