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Gwenodyn leaves Tayrym alone to watch the kickball game. Read an excerpt from TAYRYM #GalacticDefenders #MMromance #scifiromance

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the excerpts from TAYRYM. So far, I've posted these excerpts... the Prologue and the beginning of Chapter One. Below is the next part of Chapter One. Happy reading!

Tayrym has dreamed of becoming a Galactic Defender since meeting the infamous Bryce when he was just a boy. Finally an adult and awaiting the day cycle he is set to leave for training, Tayrym learns his long-time crush shares his affections. Now, he’s unsure whether he wants to leave, which dream matters more.

With the threat of being sent away for his sexuality haunting him, Guri keeps his feelings for his former classmate to himself. Even with a new progressive ruler on Hemera, he still hides his attraction to the young man. But when he catches the other shadowing him, Guri decides to take a chance. The only problem is, the man of his desire is leaving the planet soon. Possibly forever.

With obstacle after obstacle in their path, will Tayrym and Guri ever have a chance to be happy together? Or are they destined to fulfill their dreams light years apart?



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She nudged him. “I can eliminate one already. The guy who’s the net minder at this end is one of our teachers. If it were him, you’d find ways to stay after school instead of coming here.”

True. He didn’t dislike the teachers. They were only a few years older. But, they didn’t leave him with ylafats in his stomach the way his crush did.

“And I doubt you’d go for the two shorter guys on the other team. They’re cute.” She bit her bottom lip. “Really cute. But, not your type.”

How did she know his type when he’d just told her he was attracted to guys? Though she was correct, so far.

“That leaves the best players on each team, the one with the strong cheekbones who looks like he’s dancing across the field or the younger guy on this side who is determined to win even down a player. “He used to be in our class, sat behind you. I think it’s—”

The ball rocketed toward them from center field. Gwenodyn wasted no time moving in front of him to catch the ball.

“Fornax Raw! What was that for?” Sol, the net minder-teacher, called to the other player on his team.

Guri shrugged in response, his gaze on Tayrym. Or maybe Gwenodyn. Most likely her. Tayrym didn’t stand a chance.

The one Gwenodyn had said danced across the field ran over to them to collect the ball and bowed. “Sorry about that, Princess.” Once he threw the ball back onto the field, play resumed.

“Well, I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m positive you like the guy who kicked the ball right at your head. Though, after that, I’m not sure why.” She pinched his cheek. “He could have ruined your beautiful face.”

“Raw, eye on the ball,” their teacher yelled.

“Whoa, that was interesting.” Gwenodyn let go of his cheek and slid away from him.

“What are you doing?” Tayrym whispered, wondering what she knew that he didn’t.

“I think it’s time for me to go.” She scooted off the bench.

“No, don’t leave me here alone. What are you doing?” He couldn’t just sit there by himself and watch the guys play. Not this close. He’d seem even creepier than he did with her beside him.

“Your crush, the one they call Raw, is not happy with me being here.” She turned away from the field. “I’m not sure how he feels about you, but he has some strong dislike for me.”

“Then I should go, too.” If Guri didn’t like his best friend, it would never work out, anyway.

“No.” She reached out to touch him then quickly pulled away. “No, stay here. I’m not sure what’s up with Raw, but I’m getting some promising thoughts from his friends. Stay and see what happens.”

After watching his best friend leave, Tayrym sat frozen on the bench, unsure whether to chase after Gwenodyn or trust her. What thoughts had she read to make her believe he had any chance with his crush? Or maybe she wanted him to stay to punish him. Did she expect him to embarrass himself in front of all of the men on the field as penance for liking guys instead of her? Against all the doubts bouncing around in his mind, he had a strong urge to remain watching from the bench. He did trust his best friend. And if he made a fool of himself, he’d simply hide in his mother’s house until he left for Defender training.

The game continued in front of him with no balls flying his direction after Gwenodyn’s departure. Somehow, Guri kept scoring even though it was him taking on the three players on the opposite team. Sol simply stood in between the goal posts, watching the action. Guri saved more goals than he did. How did one person play so well? One more reason to add to the list of reasons Tayrym had for crushing on him so hard.

After the next goal—finally one for the other team—the action stopped. Guri yanked off his sweat-drenched shirt before heading toward Tayrym. Was he actually coming over to talk? Or maybe to tell him to quit staring and scram. Wouldn’t be the first time he’d heard that.

Tayrym admired his toned pecs and well-defined abs. Perfection defined, his entire body was pure muscle. Guri was the same age as him. How was he so powerfully built? Tayrym’s mouth dried while his palms sweated. And though he knew he should turn away, he couldn’t help himself.

Guri stopped just steps away from him, grabbing a container of water from the side of the field. Of course. Tayrym should have noticed it there with the others’ belongings. After playing so hard, his crush needed to refresh himself. He had no interest in the strange guy creepily staring at him.

Not until he glanced over and caught him. Tayrym stopped breathing, could have sworn his heart stopped, too. He yearned to flee, let his feet take him far away from the barracks and his crush. Yet, he couldn’t move.

Guri wiped his arm across his mouth but didn’t leave. His stare was so intense, he could have been a Mingot purposefully reading Tayrym’s thoughts until he knew every last detail of his life. Tayrym gulped under his crush’s scrutiny and chewed on his bottom lip.

Guri tilted his head to the side. The moment was broken. Tayrym ran his sweaty palms across his lap, wondering what would happen next. Would Guri send him away?

“You wanna play?”                

Tayrym looked up at him. “Wha—?” Had he heard him correctly?

“Play.” Guri pointed his thumb behind him. “I’m down a player. Plus, I always see you here, so I figured you want to play.”

Tayrym wrung his hands in his lap. “I’m not that good.” Surely his crush had to remember picking teams for kickball in the last two years they’d attended school together. Tayrym was never the first one picked. Not even in the top ten. But never last, either. Guri had for some reason always saved him from that embarrassment. Around the same time, he’d begun to feel a slight attraction to the man in front of him. “I’ll probably trip over the ball or something like that.”

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