Wednesday, September 12, 2018

He dreamed of becoming a Galactic Defender. Then he fell in love. #CoverReveal for TAYRYM #scifiromance #MMromance #GalacticDefenders

Hello! Since I have sent TAYRYM, the fourth book in the Galactic Defenders series, to my editor, I have decided to reveal the cover to you. I've been sitting on it for awhile, using it for inspiration to finish the story. Today, I'm excited to show it to you. I hope you like it!


Galactic Defenders #4

Tayrym has dreamed of becoming a Galactic Defender since meeting the infamous Bryce when he was just a boy. Now an adult and awaiting the day cycle he is set to leave for training, Tayrym learns his long-time crush shares his affections. Now he's unsure whether he wants to leave, which dream matters more to him. 

With the threat of being sent away for his sexuality haunting him, Guri kept his feelings for his former classmate to himself. Even with a new progressive ruler on Hemera, he still hides his attraction to the young man. But when he catches the other shadowing him, Guri decides to take a chance. The only problem is, the man of his desire is leaving the planet soon. Possibly forever.

With obstacle after obstacle in their path, will Tayrym and Guri ever have a chance to be happy together? Or are they destined to fulfill their dreams light years apart?



  1. Love the cover, Jess. Those guys are awesome!

    1. Thank you so much, Diane! They fit my characters perfectly! 😊