Saturday, January 1, 2022

What can he wear that won't get him friend-zoned? Weekend Writing Warriors from GENJ #Romance #MMRomance #SciFiRomance

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Let's hope 2022 ends on a much better note than the last two. Thank you to all those who came to visit me two weekends ago! This weekend, I'm sharing another snippet from GENJ, the second book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS. I finished revisions and sent this story in for submission.

Set-up: Last time, Utahn agreed to visit Genj over the 'family and friends' weekend if he could arrange for his staff to work at his bakery then. Their conversation ended shortly after that, so this weekend, I'm skipping to the next chapter. In chapter two, you get to see things from Utahn's point of view. Enjoy!

I rocked back and forth in front of my mirror, holding a two-piece outfit in front of my body. Would Genj like it? Would it make me irresistible to him so that if I finally confessed, he wouldn’t friend-zone me right after?

With a groan, I tossed the clothing aside and pulled out another option. Maybe I shouldn’t have left packing until the morning I was to catch a flight to Eurebly. But I’d had many things to do in preparation to leave for the weekend. And many doubts as to whether going to Eurebly was a good idea.


“In here,” I called out. I knew my best friend was coming over with a care package for me to take to his older brothers, but hadn’t expected Vawn to arrive yet. I’d expected him to stop by when I was on my way out.

And a little more...

He popped his head into the room, holding his youngest daughter, Gitta, on his hip. “Why aren’t you ready to go? Why is your suitcase still open?”

I tossed another outfit aside and pouted. “I don’t know what to wear. What do you think will make Genj want to tear my clothes off and, you know, do it with me?” I’d changed the color of my hair, but didn’t believe that was enough when it came to Genj. I had to shock him into action.

This is my mood board for Genj

Kaddim Brothers book two

Genj is a cinnamon roll alpha. Even as one of the circuit’s best space racers, he’s shy and rather clumsy. Not qualities anyone wants in a mate, especially the omega he’s crushed on for years. But when Genj invites Utahn on a whim to visit him for a weekend, he’s surprised the omega agrees.

Utahn never expected his best friend’s older brother to reciprocate his feelings. Genj is a space racer, and everyone in the universe knows they rarely commit. When the two get together, sparks fly. And what once seemed impossible becomes a dream come true.

But situations change. And past relationships have a way of interfering with new ones. Can Genj and Utahn work through past traumas, or were they never meant to be more than a childhood crush?


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  1. I think he's overthinking this. He needs to pack that suitcase and get the hell out of Dodge! LOL But I understand his anxiety. We always want to dress to impress, especially those we want most to impress. I wish him luck! Great snippet! Good luck with the submission. Tweeted. And Happy New Year!

  2. Oh dear, I feel his torment from here! Well done snippet and I hope Vawn can talk sense into him.

    1. Thank you, Veronica! They often talk sense into each other. Thank goodness for friends!

  3. I was going aww the whole time I was reading the snippet. lol.

  4. So typical of someone wanting to impress a date. Cute. I agree about the last 2 years. Put them in the rearview mirror and full speed ahead. lol

  5. I think he's over thinking this to the extreme . . . but we've all been there and it rings SO true!

  6. I love being in his head. His thought process is quite entertaining. Yes. He's got it bad--so much insecurity. :-)