Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Secrets, passion, and intrigue collide in DESTINY (The Sentinel Agency book 1) by @Laurel_R_books #NewRelease #SciFiRomance #SFR


The Sentinel Agency book 1
by Laurel Richards

Undercover operatives have discovered Delfina has the power of foresight, and they want to capture and use her. Accompanied by her emotional support animal, Delfina uses her ability to stay ahead of her pursuers. The one thing she doesn’t foresee is Rave. The Imperian male claims she’s his genetic match, but he has so many aliases that she’s not sure if he’s the good guy or the bad. Attraction ignites as they are thrown together by mysterious government agents, a wildlife trafficking syndicate, and a covert agency that recruits people with unique talents. Secrets, passion, and intrigue collide in this sci-fi romance.

Content: m/f romance, love scenes, fight scenes


Delfina Perry walked along the strip of stores inside Terminus Air and Space Port. She was window-shopping—killing time before her flight off the planet—when she suddenly had a flash of foresight. She saw that an armed man and woman were going to take her into custody. The pair would have government identification, though she wasn’t sure if the IDs were real or fake. Once they detained her, there was a four in five chance they’d relocate her to an undisclosed location.

That was all Delfina knew. Although she was tempted to look deeper into the future to learn more details, she didn’t dare. Use of her ability left her temporarily nearsighted. The further ahead she foresaw, the worse her eyesight became. At the moment, going blind in this bustling spaceport would leave her far too vulnerable. These two agents must have tracked her ticket purchase, because the most probable future involved her being captured at or near her departure gate.

“It looks like we won’t make our flight after all,” she told Bulu.

Her furry friend squeaked from her perch atop Delfina’s shoulder. The Dunian berlalu had huge magenta eyes, tiny ears, and the flat body of a flying squirrel. Her pelt currently mimicked the ombre effect of Delfina’s brown and blonde hair. At less than a kilogram, Bulu’s weight barely registered, though her soft warmth was comforting.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I thought your new certification as a service animal meant no more sneaking around, but you’ll need a disguise. We can’t afford to stick out.” Delfina pointed at the nearest shop window. “How about that clutch purse over there?”

Bulu grunted, clearly unimpressed by the simple black pocketbook. A moment later, she shifted the chromatophores beneath her clear fur so that she resembled the blue-and-pink embroidered handbag off to the right.

“You’re such a fashionista.” Delfina reached up so that Bulu could grab her hand with all four paws.

The berlalu’s flat toes almost formed suction cups, and she was used to hanging upside down and using her body like a hammock to sleep. In this position and decked out in designer camouflage, Bulu looked almost exactly like the purse in the window.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone you’re a knockoff.” Delfina started walking, trying to look casual and blend into the crowd.

Another flash of foresight made her wince. Now that she was not going to show up at her gate, the probable future had her pursuers searching the whole spaceport for her. With their credentials, they could gain access anywhere they wanted, including the security office. She didn’t have much time.

Delfina headed for the nearest exit, with half her attention on the plans of the pair stalking her. She didn’t notice the man who stepped into her path until she collided with his hard body and bounced off. He steadied her with one hand under her elbow.

“Sorry,” she said. “I didn’t see you.”

Now that she did see him, though, she did a double take. High cheekbones, a chiseled jaw, and intense violet eyes made for a sexy package. The man’s hair was dark and thick, and he wore it in a short, no-nonsense style. They locked gazes, and his expression turned unreadable except for a slight parting of his lips. Delfina’s mind went completely blank, which almost never happened.

Then he firmed that intriguing mouth of his, along with his grip on her arm. “Going somewhere, Miss Perry?”

Her breath locked in her throat. Had she miscalculated? Was there a three-person team after her?