Saturday, August 7, 2021

Dinner is off to a tense start. Read an excerpt from VAWN #Romance #MMRomance #SFRomance #SciFiRomance #MPreg #SFR #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited last weekend! This weekend, I'm returning to sharing snippets from VAWN, the first book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS. This story releases on Monday!!

Set-up: In the last snippet I shared from VAWN, Ret told Vawn to stay away from Ojo, and then Vawn told his brother to stay out of his business.

This weekend I'm skipping ahead to later that evening. Vawn is at dinner with his brothers and the other members of their team. That includes Ojo. Enjoy!

We sat at a round table assigned to their team, though I was the only guest of the five of them. Ret guided me to sit between him and Genj, but as soon as I saw Ojokun, I darted away to take the chair beside him. According to Ret’s heavy sigh, he wasn’t pleased, but Genj smirked and shook his head.

Ojokun sat still in his chair, his fingers interlaced in his lap while his eyes darted between me and my oldest brother. Ignoring Ret, I placed my napkin on my lap and pulled myself closer to the table. I refused to let him win.

When the other two members of the team arrived, Ret finally took his seat, but Ojokun didn’t look any less tense.

I placed a hand on the hot space racer’s shoulder and leaned toward his ear. “I look forward to that drink you promised me. Hopefully, I’ll see you at the club tonight.”

Kaddim Brothers book one

Vawn doesn’t need a mate. He’s already established himself universe-wide as a hot name in fashion, while raising his daughter. But he won’t say no to a fling with a hot space racer when he travels to Eurebly to visit his brothers. One night. That’s all he can give. Because his heart shattered when he lost his previous alpha, and he hasn’t been able to repair it completely. He refuses to love someone like that ever again.

Ojokun survived on Jenegath in order to leave the planet and become the best space racer in the universe. Though he flies with a team, he’s never depended on anyone outside of his jet. He keeps to himself. Has one-night stands, just like every other space racer. But, after a mind-blowing night with the brother of two of his teammates, he can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous omega, or the foreign longing that scares him more than his overly-protective teammates.

Can Ojokun convince Vawn that he wants more than one night? Or is that all they were ever meant to be?


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  1. Poor Ojo! Temptation on one side and damnation across the table.

  2. What an uncomfortable place to be - but he is holding his own.

    1. Very uncomfortable for everyone at the table. But, the night is still young.

  3. That's the kind of dinner that leads to serious indigestion--or much worse. :-)

    1. LOL There's so much of the evening still left to go.

  4. Right - go for it!
    Congrats on the new release.

  5. Great snippet! Best wishes on the new release!!!

  6. I'm eager to see if they have that drink at the club. Congrats on the new release.

  7. Good for Vawn! Enjoyed the excerpt!