Saturday, July 10, 2021

Meet Hayden, Envi's first love, in this excerpt from MEMORIES OF US #Romance #MMRomance #MPreg #LGBTQ #PNR #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to everyone who visited my blog last weekend! This weekend, I'm sharing another excerpt from MEMORIES OF US. It is an MPreg MM Shifter Romance that is part of my Shifter Towers series. It is available as part of a limited-time MPreg collection called SPECIAL DELIVERY: SUMMER.

Set-up: Last weekend, Envi was getting ready to leave for his summer vacation, and remembering his first love whom he'd met at the place he is going.

This weekend, I'm skipping to the next chapter to show you what Envi's first love is up to. I'd like you to meet Hayden. This is in Hayden's point of view. Enjoy!

I waved to the last of the tourists before twisting and stretching my back. It never used to bother me this much, but now I was not only carrying a heavy knapsack on my back, but also a baby in the front. Only four months along, I still had over half of my pregnancy to go. But, I’d definitely started feeling the changes to my body. My stomach had gotten bigger, and my feet and hands swelled the moment I started work. My back ached. A lot. By the end of every workday, I was exhausted. And the scent of chicken made me want to gag. I’d been lucky, though, to have avoided any morning sickness.

**That's ten, and here are a few more...**

I heaved my knapsack back on and headed toward the tiny cabin I rented. A kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom. Not much space at all. It was fine for me, but I had no idea how I was going to manage when my baby came. That is, if I decided to keep them.

I sighed, feeling the now familiar clench of my chest. I wanted to be a father. I really did. But, I wanted what was best for my baby more than anything. And I didn’t know if I could afford to give my baby the life they deserved. Not with my measly earnings. I could only hope for some miracle to come along. I rolled my eyes. Yeah, right. Even when good things happened to me, they never lasted.

Shifter Towers book six


Envi gave up on the idea of claiming a mate long ago. Once upon a time he'd believed he'd found his perfect other half, but their dreams took them in different directions. Now, Envi dedicates his life to making music.

When his uncle passes away, and he is willed the man's cottage, Envi must return to the wetland park where he vacationed for much of his teenage years. The place where he crushed on the same omega for several summers before he became Envi's first love. But there's no way the omega he'd loved and lost still lives there. Or, maybe he does....

Memories of Us features an alpha jaguar shifter who never got over his first love, and a pregnant omega dragonfly shifter with no money and no one to turn to. It is the sixth book in the MPreg MM Shifter Popstar Romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Jessica E. Subject, and contains her sweetest happily ever after yet.

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  1. This was a strange shift from female pregnancy. I assume you explaining how it works, though.

  2. Poor guy! I can relate to all those symptoms. Nicely set up, Jessica!

  3. It's odd reading about pregnancy symptoms in a man, although I certainly can sympathize. I must say I do wonder about the delivery, though. Very intriguing snippet!

  4. Enjoyed the snippet and his thoughts...

  5. Curious about the man being pregnant. How was it possible and how will he deliver? Sounds like an unplanned pregnancy if the mand isn't sure if he should keep the baby. Great snippet and I could relate to the symptoms he's experiencing. Yep, really intrigued.

  6. Perfect set up for a rescue by his old love! Very real the way he wrangles with the question if he should keep the baby or not. Good snippet!