Saturday, June 26, 2021

Envi is going on vacation! Read an #excerpt from MEMORIES OF US #ShifterTowers #Romance #MPreg #MLM #PNR #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to everyone who visited my blog last weekend! This weekend, I'm sharing an excerpt from MEMORIES OF US. It is an MPreg MM Shifter Romance that is part of my Shifter Towers series. But, it is releasing as part of an MPreg Summer Anthology called SPECIAL DELIVERIES: SUMMER.

Set-up: Last weekend, I introduced you to Envi through Ash's point of view in HIS OMEGA ON STAGE. MEMORIES OF US takes place a couple years later when Ash knows Envi a little bit more. 

Here's an excerpt from the beginning of MEMORIES OF US in Envi's point of view. Enjoy!

“Have a good night, Darnell.” I waved to the head of my security team as I got out of the company Palisade. “See you in a couple of weeks.”

The lion shifter nodded with a smile. “Enjoy your time off. But, if you need my help while you’re in that swamp, don’t be afraid to call.”

I chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind. But I don’t think anyone in that part of the country will even know who I am.” I may have spent the summers of my teenage years at a cottage in the Riekahae National Wetland Park, but I doubted anyone from that time in my life still lived there. It seemed like so long ago.

Shifter Towers book six


Envi gave up on the idea of claiming a mate long ago. Once upon a time he'd believed he'd found his perfect other half, but their dreams took them in different directions. Now, Envi dedicates his life to making music.

When his uncle passes away, and he is willed the man's cottage, Envi must return to the wetland park where he vacationed for much of his teenage years. The place where he crushed on the same omega for several summers before he became Envi's first love. But there's no way the omega he'd loved and lost still lives there. Or, maybe he does....

Memories of Us features an alpha jaguar shifter who never got over his first love, and a pregnant omega dragonfly shifter with no money and no one to turn to. It is the sixth book in the MPreg MM Shifter Popstar Romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Jessica E. Subject, and contains her sweetest happily ever after yet.

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  1. A pregnant dragonfly. Jaguar and lion shifters. Sounds like a wild ride.

  2. I see a set up coming. Thinking no one will remember - sounds like it's going to be fun.

  3. "...but I doubted anyone from that time in my life still lived there. It seemed like so long ago."

    THOSE seem like words that will be proven wrong. lol Nice send-off for a story beginning. Best wishes on this anthology story!

  4. I think he's going to be in for a surprise!

  5. Yeah, I think he's going to be proved wrong about no one being there from his past--probably on his first day there! LOL Sounds like a fun summer read!

  6. He'll probably encounter someone from his past there. Things often go the opposite of what we expect.

  7. Oh, I bet someone will remember him from long ago.

  8. A jaguar and a dragonfly? What an interesting combination!