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A confrontation between demons. Read a snippet from DEMON ON JACKSON STREET #Romance #PNR #MLM #MMRomance #MPreg #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited last weekend! This weekend, I'm sharing the last snippet from the fifth book in my Shifter Towers series, DEMON ON JACKSON STREET. Next weekend, I'm going to switch to a new story. Like all the other books in this series, it is an MM (gay) paranormal romance.

Set-up: Last weekend, I shared Jet's reaction to Toby telling him that he doesn't yearn for a better life. After the snippet I shared, Jet gave up on his mission, and asked for another. But, he kept an eye on Toby from a distance at first, trying to protect Toby from Crow. Many things happen in this story, but I'm skipping ahead to when Jet and Toby are about to go out on their first "date." It's a night that changes both of their lives forever.

In this weekend's snippet, Jet is confronted by his brother as he leaves Shifter Towers to pick up Toby. (This is in Jet's point of view, and Crow speaks first.)

“Where are you going all dressed up? I didn’t think you owned anything other than leather and denim.”

I tucked my phone into my pocket and tugged at the frilly lace on the cuff of my jacket before glancing around the courtyard to locate my brother. He stood with his back to me by the newly installed fountain, tossing coins into the water. 

I headed his direction because there were still people around, likely just getting off work. “When has anything I do been any of your business?”

Crow shrugged. “Usually I wouldn’t care, but lately you’ve been spending a lot of time with my assignment.”

“Yeah, I am.” I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner of my lips as I crossed my arms. “So what?”

**Here's more of the scene for your reading pleasure.**

“So what?” My brother raised his eyebrows to the point I thought they would fly off his forehead. “You’re getting in the way of me accomplishing my mission. Stay away from that kid.”

“Ah, but I won’t. I’m kind of attached.” Not sure if that was the right word, but it made my brother snarl, so I didn’t care.

“You need to leave him alone, Jet.” Crow clenched his fists. “He’s assigned to me now. You gave up on him and moved on to others. It’s my turn to claim his soul. You know it must be done.”

I cracked my jaw. No way was I letting Crow near Toby again. “Not going to happen.”

He narrowed his eyes at me and glared. “You haven’t given up on the mission, have you? You told Father you couldn’t do it, but you’re too stubborn to fully let him go. You still think you can claim his soul.”

As my brother chuckled to himself, I got lost in my thoughts. Was that why I kept a close watch on Toby? Did I really think he’d give up his soul for the right price?

No. I shook my head. I knew he wouldn’t. “You’re wrong. I just like being around him.”

“But why?” he asked through gritted teeth. “What is it about that toothpick of a human? Is he a good fuck? Does he satisfy all your kinks?”

“It’s not even like that with him.” Not yet, anyway. Staring past Crow, I shoved my hands in my pockets. “I guess it’s refreshing to hang out with someone so pure. You and I see so much greed and people filled with material desires. But he’s the opposite of all that. And I don’t care how much you try to curse me. I will push through all that pain every time to be with him.”

My brother cackled so loudly, those walking past turned to look at him. “What’s wrong with you? We’re demons, Jet. We thrive on gluttony and greed. But maybe Father was right. He’s your downfall. There’s no curse, so whatever you’re experiencing has nothing to do with me. But, don’t worry. I’ll make up for what you’re suddenly lacking. Plus, I know your boy’s weakness. Something you were too blind with emotion to figure out in all the time you spent with him.” Then he vanished into thin air, not caring who saw him disappear.

My heart raced. I did know Toby’s weakness, but I never wanted to use that to my advantage. I may convince people to sell their souls, but I would never purposely take the life of another for a soul. Maybe that was my downfall. Crow didn’t have the same boundaries. Yet, I’d always managed to stay ahead of him.

I rushed to my Ioniq 6, a car more my style than the one I’d previously borrowed, then sped away to pick up Toby for our date. And to ensure his grandmother had someone caring for her overnight. Because I didn’t trust what my brother would do next.

Shifter Towers book five

Once upon a time there was a demon who was the best at convincing people to sell their souls. That was me. Is me. And now I have a new assignment, one Father told me would be difficult. I didn’t know what “difficult” meant until I met the young man, someone who has barely anything. Collecting his soul should be easy, right? There are so many things I can give him. Except, he doesn’t believe he deserves a better life. I have to find something he desires before the assignment is given to my brother. Because Crow uses the most villainous means to obtain souls. Lines I don’t cross. And I don’t want to see Toby hurt. There has to be another way.

I’m not like them. I can’t shift into a predator to defend myself, or even into a small rodent to run and hide. The wolf shifters know that every time they rough me up and steal my food. I always wish for a guardian angel to protect me from them. Then one day Jet appears, looking nothing like the angel I’d imagined. But I don’t know if I should trust him. He makes me feel things no other alpha ever has. Dangerous things. Not good when I have to stay focused on my grandmother. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have her around.



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  1. I hope Crow doesn't hurt Toby. He sounds like a real threat not to be dismissed easily.

  2. Is Crow going after Granny? Being a Granny, myself, I am not amused. It's not nice to pick on grannies. Hope Jet gets there first.

  3. I love that Jet sees Toby differently and that he cares for him so deeply. I hope they're able to have a wonderful date together!

    1. Oh, they do have a wonderful date, but it doesn't end well.

  4. Lots of ominous developments here, very exciting story! Enjoyed the snippet...

  5. Jet really does stay a step ahead of his brother, the way he needed to keep Toby's grandmother safe really shows it.

  6. Great scene between the brother demons. I don't trust Crow either. I hope Jet can protect Toby's grandmother because I know Toby would sell his soul to save her. Great drama going on here!

    1. Oh, this story is about to take a slightly different twist. Thank you, Jenna!

  7. Crow could so easily gain power over Toby because of grandmother. I hope Jet is able to protect her.

  8. I fear for Toby and his grandmother. Great scene with the brothers.

  9. I'm curious why is Crow so different from Jet? Jet seems to have a conscience.

    1. Not all siblings are the same. I'm not like my brother at all. I'm just writing what I know. ;)

  10. Oh, this sounds bad, really bad... Intriguing story concept--a demon who seems to be developing a soul of his own. :-)

    1. Thank you, Teresa! Yes, things are about to take a turn for the worst.

  11. Sibling rivalry writ large!

    Sorry for the late visit – I was in deadline hell. But I got the MS in on time!

    1. No worries, Ed! Glad you were able to get your MS turned in on time! Congratulations!