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Fan reactions to AI's security ~ Read a snippet from HIS OMEGA ON STAGE #8Sunday #romance #PNR #MPreg #MLM #omegaverse

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited last weekend! I've been sharing snippets from the fourth book in my Shifter Towers series, HIS OMEGA ON STAGE, which will release through Decadent Publishing. Like all the other books in this series, it is an MM paranormal romance. I'll keep you posted when I know anything about a release date.

Set-up: In last weekend's snippet, Jun and Ash are alone in the Artist's Lounge, and Ash gets really close to Jun.

In this weekend's snippet, I'm skipping through a bunch of small talk to the point where Ash is starting to throw even more hints to Jun by showing him how fans reacted to the signing. Will Jun get it?

Ash scooted closer, until his side pressed against mine. Holding his phone in front of me, he flipped through various screenshots he’d taken. There were many of him, but he didn’t stop until he came to one showing me standing close behind him. “Read what they wrote.”

If that’s not AI’s alpha, I want him to be mine. He’s hot!

Interesting. I hadn’t expected any of his fans to take any notice of me. Especially since omegas came into the store all the time and didn’t pay any attention to me. I nodded my head, not sure how else to react.

**That's ten, but I've included a little more for your reading pleasure.**

He showed me another of the two of us, even closer this time. It must have been taken at the end of the Q and A session, just before I escorted Ash from the room.

This isn’t AI’s manager. I wonder if it’s his alpha with how they looked at each other when AI was asked if he had an alpha. They look good together anyway.

We’d looked at each other at that moment? I don’t remember. 

My leopard cat stirred inside. There had to be a reason Ash was showing me these screenshots and none of the others. I had an idea, had wondered it since interacting with TK and Buan. Yet, it seemed too impossible to be true. There’s no way Ash wanted me as his alpha. We barely knew each other. But when he leaned his head on my shoulder while flicking through more pictures, I could no longer quiet my leopard cat.

While I was tempted to take his phone away, I reached behind him and ran my hand across the top of his head. “Why are you showing me these?”

His scent became intoxicating, and he glanced up for a moment and smiled before resting on my shoulder again. “I think it’s cute.”

Shifter Towers book four

For leopard cat shifter, Jun, being the rogue alpha in high school hadn’t helped him as an adult. Though he sometimes believed he was ready to find a mate, past experiences taught him that those he loves eventually leave him. So, he protects his heart by seeing omegas looking for nothing more than a one-night stand. Until he runs into someone from his past.

As the first omega signed to Adan Records, AI is anxious for the release of his debut album. Being a leopard cat shifter instead of an actual leopard like the rest of his family has always made him feel small and insignificant. But now he’s about to shine bright in front of the world, all on his own, without an alpha by his side. He doesn’t need one, and definitely doesn’t have time for one. Though when he runs into someone from his past who knows him as Ash, he wants to give this alpha all of his attention.

On Stage
But with all the problems that fame brings, will Ash be able to make a relationship work? Will Jun fight for the omega he’s sure is his fated mate? Or will they just let each other slip away, believing what they have just isn’t enough?.


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  1. I like scenes like this, where I can feel the attraction between two people rather than just being told they like each other.

  2. Dude, get a clue! Love how flirty AL is.

  3. I'm with Nancy. “Why are you showing me these?” - what kind of a question is that? :)

    1. He's still trying to figure out why Ash would like him.

  4. I LIKE it! I hope the photos lead to some more plain speaking between the two of them because wow, they sure are dancing around their attraction! Great snippet...

  5. He's a goner, but he doesn't know it yet. I'm enjoying Al's directness.

    1. Very true! And AI has more to say. I'll share that next weekend.

  6. That's the best possible development in their relationship!

  7. Interesting that the Omega is the aggressor and the Alpha is the more passive of the two. Does this dynamic continue in their relationship or do their roles switch in more intimate settings? Great twist on the Topdog/Underdog theme!

    1. The dynamic switches very soon in this scene. And it goes back and forth during the story depending on the setting and situation. In the story, it's explained why Jun is a softer alpha as compared to many others. Though my main alphas are never agressive.

  8. It is a cute scene. You've captured the insecurity of young love so well! :-)

  9. Replies
    1. I think he has other reasons, but is trying to play dumb.

  10. He's being deliberately obtuse with himself. The answer is obvious! :-)

  11. You do a great job of showing how their relationship is developing naturally.

  12. Awww, this is adorable! I love this portrayal of new uncertain love.