Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Nine Years Published! Where did the time go? #romance #scifirom #PNR #aliens #shifters #books

It's hard to believe that nine years ago today, my first story, Celestial Seduction, was released. Since then, I've written many more that have gone to publishers and others I've self-published. I've received the rights back on a few, most of them I republished, and a couple that will never see the light of day again. I've learned a lot over the years, and I'm still constantly learning, and being inspired by other authors.

I've learned that I have to write in a notebook no matter how hard I've tried to make myself use Scrivner and even simply MS Word to get my thoughts down. So, I write in my current notebook then when I finish a chapter, I transfer my words to a document on my computer.

I've also gone from being a pantser (no detailed planning), to a plotter. My outlines may not be as detailed as those of other authors, but I use an outline by Stephanie Bond that she showed us in a course she taught through the RWA a few years ago.

I'm also usually plotting two books ahead of the one that I'm writing. 

Currently, I am writing the fourth book in my Shifter Towers series. It's my longest book yet, and it's not quite finished. Almost. I also have the next book plotted, which will be a one story spin-off of the Shifter Towers series. And I'm planning the next story after that, where I'll be returning to sci-fi romance.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I found it hard to write, as I was trying to figure out what would happen with my other job, and how the kids would be doing their school work from home. But, eventually I got a routine going, and it really helped. Hopefully I'll be announcing that I've finished HIS OMEGA ON STAGE soon.

Over the years, I've participated in many blog hops and tours, including some where authors share snippets from their published stories or works-in-progress. I started sharing through Six Sentence Sunday, and met so many wonderful author through participating in that. Since then, I've also participated in Mid-Week Tease, My Sexy Saturday, and Weekend Writing Warriors. Once I finish my current story, I'll be sharing snippets to tease you all through Weekend Writing Warriors. I've also been a contributor to posts on various blogs like Backwards Momentum, Paranormal Romantics, SFR Brigade, and Romance Eh? Canadian Style.

I've written multiple series, including The Underground, Alien Next Door, Galactic Defenders, and Shifter Towers. I've also written stories for various lines at Decadent Publishing, including their 1Night Stand line, and Beyond Fairytales.

It's been a ride, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So, HAPPY READING!!

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