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Odega's first words. Read a snippet from PIKA OMEGA PLUS ONE #romance #MLM #PNR #MPreg #omegaverse #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to everyone who visited me last weekend! This weekend, I'm continuing with a snippet from the third story in my Shifter Towers series, PIKA OMEGA PLUS ONE. It's an MM MPreg Shifter Romance. The story is available in both ebook and print. Only a couple more from this story before I switch to a new one.

Set-up: In last weekend's snippet, Yoni finally stood up to his father. I'm skipping ahead to the next chapter where Yoni is taking Milo out for their one-month anniversary. He's arrived at Milo's to pick him up. This is in Milo's point of view.

Yoni knocked on the door, and when I opened it, he held out a bouquet of pink roses. “For you.”

My cheeks warmed, and I smiled. “Come in. I’ll put them in a vase before we go.”

I found a container in the “glass” cabinet. All the dishes inside sat unused because of all the kids in the house. And as I filled the vase with water, Odega babbled in the other room.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

I turned around to see him holding his arms out toward Yoni. 

**That's ten, but I've included a little more of the scene below.**

The vase fell out of my hand and plunked into the sink. Thank goodness it didn’t break.

My heart raced. Had my son really been trying to say my boyfriend’s name? Not “Daddy?” Not even “no,” which he heard a lot?

And then Odega called for him again, opening and closing his fists as he did it.

“Looks like you have more than one fan in this house.” My brother lifted my son to his feet. “Wanna see him while you wait for my brother? Sounds like he’s making a mess in the kitchen. I think I should help him.”

Shifter Towers book three

My mate died in a horrible car crash the night after he claimed me. I didn’t know I was pregnant with his child until he was buried in the ground. Luckily, my brother and his family supported me through it all. Now, it’s time for me to earn my keep. I’m going back to work. Not only to earn money, but to have a social life again. Even if just during the hours I’m at my job. Because I’m nowhere near ready for another relationship. Not sure I ever will be.

I moved to Saramto to take a paid intern position at the local news station. My first time living in such a big city. And as the time limit on my contract kept looming closer, I hoped to come across something to keep me here. Nothing did. Until I met Milo and his adorable son. Now, I want them to be mine and I have no desire to leave. But my time is drawing near. While I pray for some miracle to come along and let me stay, I must find a way to tell Milo I have to go.

Pika Omega Plus One is a sweet with knotty heat shifter mm mpreg romance. It is book three in the popular Shifter Towers Series.

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  1. That is a sweet scene, Jess. Milo has done a lot of growing as an individual in this story--just from what I've read in the snippets. Wonderful storytelling!

  2. Charmaine Gordon June 1,2020 ay 4:30 p.m. Jessica, you have a charming way to bring your story where it needs to be.

  3. Never thought about it before, but to be honest, I'm surprised more children's first words aren't "No" :)

  4. A warm and beautiful scene . . . even if he didn't get the 'Daddy' he hoped for.

  5. Such an important moment, and a big surprise about that first word! Great snippet! And so sweet Odega seems to approve of his Dad's choice.

    1. Thank you, Jenna! Yes, Odega was never reluctant the way his father was.

  6. First words are always a surprise and a joy.

  7. Didn't take Milo long to become part of the family. Sweet scene.

    1. Yes, it's only been a month since their first date. Thank you, Alexis!

  8. A very happy little scene for us today! Enjoyed the snippet...

  9. So sweet. A good sign. Dogs and kids are excellent at spotting fakes. Yoni is no fake. Good job.

  10. Lovely sweet scene. I'm glad his baby likes Yoni. Says a lot.

  11. Awe! It sounds like they're on the road to become a beautiful family! I love this scene.