Saturday, December 11, 2021

You always manage to make me smile ~ Weekend Writing Warriors from GENJ #SciFiRomance #MMRomance

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Hello everyone! Thank you to all those who came to visit me last weekend! This weekend, I'm sharing another snippet from GENJ, the second book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS. This story is in revisions, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Set-up: Last weekend, Genj called Utahn and was trying to convince himself it was a good idea to invite his "friend" to the 'family and friends' weekend, when Genj fell off the bed and landed on his butt.

This weekend, I'm continuing immediately after that moment. Enjoy!

“Are you okay? What happened?”

I heard the concern in Utahn’s voice before I was able to steady myself along with the screen. “I’m good. Just slipped.” Instead of trying to get up again, I remained on the floor. I didn’t want to crack the screen on another comm unit.

Utahn giggled, his nose wrinkling in the most adorable way. “How can you be as clumsy as you are and yet race for the team with the best ranking for the last two seasons?”

I shrugged, slightly embarrassed, but this wasn’t something Utahn didn’t already know about me. “I don’t have to move much in my jet. I only have to be able to read the controls and fly.”

With a wide grin, he shook his head. “You always manage to make me smile. And I need that after a long day.”

This is my mood board for Genj

Kaddim Brothers book two

Genj is a cinnamon roll alpha. Even as one of the circuit’s best space racers, he’s shy and rather clumsy. Not qualities anyone wants in a mate, especially the omega he’s crushed on for years. But when Genj invites Utahn on a whim to visit him for a weekend, he’s surprised the omega agrees.

Utahn never expected his best friend’s older brother to reciprocate his feelings. Genj is a space racer, and everyone in the universe knows they rarely commit. When the two get together, sparks fly. And what once seemed impossible becomes a dream come true.

But situations change. And past relationships have a way of interfering with new ones. Can Genj and Utahn work through past traumas, or were they never meant to be more than a childhood crush?


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  1. Nice icebreaker between them. Uhtan's admission opens the door for a real relationship to begin.

  2. ONLY have to read controls and fly - wow. Yet perfect. It's the simple things that can often catch us by surprise.

  3. Aww, c'mon Genj, there's an open invitation right there! :)

  4. Love the snippet! They seem pretty comfortable with each other already.

    1. Yes, they've known each other for most of their lives, but because of their hidden feelings, they're still somewhat awkward. Thank you!

  5. Being able to make the other one laugh or smile is a much underrated element of attraction. It also shows at least Uhtan is comfortable around Genj. He's the one who needs to relax!! Great snippet!

  6. Things seem to be going well. In this case falling makes him seem so sweet and approachable.