Saturday, September 11, 2021

Did someone catch feelings? Find out what happened after the one-night stand in this excerpt from VAWN #MMRomance #SciFiRomance #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited last weekend! This weekend, I'm returning to sharing snippets from VAWN, the first book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS.

Set-up: In the last snippet I shared from VAWN, Vawn left Ojo in the middle of the night, after they'd slept together, and didn't leave any contact information. Of course, Vawn's brothers weren't willing to pass along that information, either.

This weekend I'm skipping to a new chapter where you can find out why Vawn left so suddenly. This is in Vawn's point of view, and he's talking to his best friend, Utahn. The first line is Utahn speaking. Enjoy!

“But you’ve been happier since you returned from Eurebly, had that one-night stand with that space racer. I thought it would help me if I did the same thing.”

My chest clenched. I wasn’t happy. I was miserable, but I’d tried extremely hard to hide it. Running my fingers through his hair, I exhaled. “Ut, I did catch feelings. That’s why I don’t want you to go.”

“What?” He sat up and stared at me with wide eyes. “When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me?”

**And a little bit more...**

I shrugged. “I knew it would never amount to anything, and I didn’t want to get hurt.” Leaning my head back, I closed my eyes for a brief moment. But it only made me think of him. “I don’t know the exact moment it happened, but after we fucked for the whole night, he held me tight against him. It was then I knew I was in trouble. Because I wanted more. I craved more time with him. So, I waited until he was asleep then snuck out of his room. I didn’t care that my brother was fucking someone when I went in to collect my stuff because I knew I had to get out of there.”

“Genj?” Utahn whimpered.

“No, Ret.” I rolled my eyes. Okay, maybe Utahn did need to go to Rennir. My brother was as unavailable to him as Ojokun was to me. He’d likely have a better chance at finding a loving relationship on that planet than pining over a space racer like we both already were.

Kaddim Brothers book one

Vawn doesn’t need a mate. He’s already established himself universe-wide as a hot name in fashion, while raising his daughter. But he won’t say no to a fling with a hot space racer when he travels to Eurebly to visit his brothers. One night. That’s all he can give. Because his heart shattered when he lost his previous alpha, and he hasn’t been able to repair it completely. He refuses to love someone like that ever again.

Ojokun survived on Jenegath in order to leave the planet and become the best space racer in the universe. Though he flies with a team, he’s never depended on anyone outside of his jet. He keeps to himself. Has one-night stands, just like every other space racer. But, after a mind-blowing night with the brother of two of his teammates, he can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous omega, or the foreign longing that scares him more than his overly-protective teammates.

Can Ojokun convince Vawn that he wants more than one night? Or is that all they were ever meant to be?


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  1. Sounds like feelings and a whole lot more were caught during that one night stand. It certainly is a miserable experience to care for someone who seems unattainable. Great snippet! Tweeted.

    1. Thank you, Jenna! Yes, they're both suffering from that experience.

  2. He is truly hurting deep down inside.

  3. Oh, those space racers are truly bad boys! Heart breakers, for sure.

    Bad boys...and the endless need to fix them where they're broken. You've done a great job of writing that. :-)

  4. Fantastic excerpt! I'm hooked and I haven't read anything previous. Love the names, too!

  5. Awww, all sort of heartrending for both of them! I love your characters - you really make me feel for them. Great snippet.

    1. Thank you very much, Veronica! I am so in love with these characters, so it makes me happy when others can connect with them as well.

  6. He doesn't expect anything from space racers, but I think he's wrong in his case.

    1. Yes, but Ojo will have to prove him wrong before he believes.

  7. Referring to these other people broadens your book's scope.

    1. The other characters are part of the series, and become main characters later one. So, I thought it appropriate to introduce them in this book.