Saturday, September 4, 2021

Waking up alone after a one-night stand. Read an excerpt from VAWN #Romance #MMRomance #SciFiRomance #MPreg #Omegaverse #8Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited last weekend! This weekend, I'm returning to sharing snippets from VAWN, the first book in my Sci-Fi MPreg MM Romance series, KADDIM BROTHERS.

Set-up: In the last snippet I shared from VAWN, Vawn was flirting with Ojo, and Ojo got a little flustered.

This weekend I'm skipping to the end of the chapter. Ojo did buy Vawn a drink. And they did sleep together. Now, it's morning, and we're still in Ojokun's point of view. Enjoy!

When I woke in the morning, I was alone, Vawn’s warmth long gone. Though his scent still lingered. With any other sexual partner, I would have been relieved to find they’d left in the middle of the night, but for some reason, I felt a strange yearning to see the sexy omega again.

I got out of bed and found a pair of shorts to put on. I tied my hair up then walked out into the common room, hoping to see him there.

The rest of my teammates were already awake, drinking their mugs of tabrue, a hangover remedy, while lounging on the furniture.

I glanced around for Vawn but didn’t see him anywhere.

Genj came over and handed me a mug. “He’s already headed home.”

My stomach twisted, and a lump formed in my throat. “Why?” I managed to whisper. Had I hurt him somehow?

**And a little bit more...**

Qé snorted then shook their head with a smile. “Never thought I’d see the day when Ojokun caught feelings for someone.”

“There’s no feelings,” Ret and I said at the same time.

I paused though, taking a deep breath, not sure if I really meant those words. Did I have any affection for the brother of two of my teammates? Feelings that went beyond sexual attraction? I didn’t know, but I wouldn’t say no to another night with him.

“He’s gone, and he’s not coming back.” Ret took his mug over to the sanitizer. “That’s all you need to know. Guess you weren’t even a good fuck with how fast he dashed out of here.”

I squeezed the mug in the same way it felt like vises squeezed my chest. I knew his words were meant to hurt, but when I returned to my room and didn’t find anything of Vawn’s left behind, not even a note, I wondered if Ret was right. Was I that forgettable?

Kaddim Brothers book one

Vawn doesn’t need a mate. He’s already established himself universe-wide as a hot name in fashion, while raising his daughter. But he won’t say no to a fling with a hot space racer when he travels to Eurebly to visit his brothers. One night. That’s all he can give. Because his heart shattered when he lost his previous alpha, and he hasn’t been able to repair it completely. He refuses to love someone like that ever again.

Ojokun survived on Jenegath in order to leave the planet and become the best space racer in the universe. Though he flies with a team, he’s never depended on anyone outside of his jet. He keeps to himself. Has one-night stands, just like every other space racer. But, after a mind-blowing night with the brother of two of his teammates, he can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous omega, or the foreign longing that scares him more than his overly-protective teammates.

Can Ojokun convince Vawn that he wants more than one night? Or is that all they were ever meant to be?


Available in e-book & paperback!

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  1. Your post came up as blank when I clicked in from WWW. I clicked on blog and then the post showed up - so somehow your link is broken.

    Oh how sad - to think he is forgettable.

    1. He's not used to being on this side of a one-night stand. This is new territory for him. Thank you, Daryl!

  2. That has got to be the worst feeling--waking up alone after what you thought was a wonderful night. And a connection. Will Ojokun drop it or pursue? Tweeted

    1. Yeah, he's not feeling great at this moment. And since Vawn's brothers don't want them together, and Vawn didn't leave any contact information, he has no way to get in contact with him. Thank you, Jenna!

  3. You skipped the fun part! ;) I doubt if Ojo is forgettable, probably Vawn is afraid of "catching feelings" too.

    1. LOL Yes, it was a lot of fun!! I'll share how Vawn is feeling next weekend.

  4. Rather sad, although I suspect he is mistaken about Vawn's lack of interest in him.

    1. Vawn definitely had reasons for leaving quickly. I'll give insight into that next weekend.

  5. Oh gosh, the teammates aren't very helpful or sympathetic to the issue! But that feels quite 'real life' to me. Enjoyed the snippet!

  6. Hmm, Ojo is finally getting a dose of what he probably made a lot of other partners feel like. I think there's more to it, though, the way that Vawn left. :-)

  7. I can't wait to find out more next week.