Saturday, December 28, 2019

Lalia returns to her home planet. Read a snippet from BRYCE! #romance #scifirom #WeWriWa #8Sunday #FREEread

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Writing Warriors post!

Thank you to all those who visited me last weekend with a snippet from HEY, SANTA! This weekend's snippet is from a book that is currently FREE until the end of 2019. BRYCE is a sci-fi romance, and the first book in my Galactic Defenders series!

Set-up: After Bryce found Lalia to be living on Earth, he brought her and her daughter back to Hemera. While he is off on another mission as a Galactic Defender, she steps foot on her home planet for the first time in many years.

Lalia walked off the ship, side by side with her daughter; not Hemera protocol, but she didn’t care. She refused to let Katrina step onto the foreign planet on her own, especially when the young woman had only learned of life beyond Earth a few days ago. Her daughter scratched her arm obsessively, a sure sign of nervousness. And maybe Lalia felt the same way, too. It had been so many years since she’d last set foot on the planet.

Crowds of Hemera surrounded the landing platform, everyone dressed in formal wear as if ready to attend a ball. She’d hoped no one would be there, wanted her arrival to be hush hush until she’d had a chance to settle in. But, for some reason, her brother had made an occasion of her return to the planet.

Luchivus bustled toward her, dressed in full royal regalia, his cape dragging along behind him, and his crown polished to a brilliant glow. He looked every bit as peremptory as her father had, using the crown to place himself above all others rather than using the title to help his people.

Galactic Defenders #1

A dedicated Defender…

Bryce fell in love once, but after Lalia was ripped away from him, he locked his heart from feeling anything for anyone else. Instead, he devotes his life to the Galactic Alliance, killing every bloodthirsty Erebus he comes across.

A shunned princess…

Lalia Comosova fell in love with the wrong man. When her parents learned of her transgressions, they sent her to Earth to hide her error in judgment from the rest of the kingdom.

A second chance?

When these lovers are reunited after many years apart, they have a chance to find happiness together. But fate steps in and threatens to rip them apart as it did years ago.

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  1. This is a good book. I thoroughly enjoyed it! :-)

    Happy New Year, Jessica. :-)

  2. It sounds like it will be a big adjustment for Katrina if Earth is all she's known. Sounds like she's now pleased with Luchivus. I'm curious to know more.

  3. I can already see the old tensions raising their heads again. This is going to be quite an adjustment for her and her daughter.

  4. Not exactly a happy homecoming. I sense sparks are about to fly.

  5. Oh my, I see trouble coming already! Loved the excerpt.

  6. So much for a hush hush arrival.

  7. I see Luchivus likes to be subtle. :-)

  8. I really enjoyed this book. If you haven't read it, get it now, esp. when it's free. LOL Great snippet, Jessica. Her brother sounds like a piece of work. Too bad she couldn't just slip into town (for her daughter's sake).